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Thread: What Really Grinds My Gears

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    What Really Grinds My Gears

    Hey guys, I figured that we could use a thread where we vent about petty irritances and random day to day sights that grind away at us. I figured it'd be something like Peter's show segment in the Family Guy movie.

    I want to stress that there it no intent on my part to single out or make fun of another poster in the making of this thread. Yeszir wants me to remind anyone that any singling out of a particular poster in this thread will result in a ban.

    Anyway, I'll get the ball rolling. Here are some things that really grind my gears.

    1. People who can't drive (ie don't use signals, stop for no reason, double park etc)

    2. When someone doesn't flush in a public restroom.

    3. When porno's try to have a storyline.

    4. The entire cast of Jersey Shore.

    5. Whenever Daniel Tosh puts himself into every clip on Tosh.o

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    Re: What Really Grinds My Gears

    6.) Whenever anyone says "Ya, know what I'm sayin"...

    7.) People who drink directly out of the milk/orange juice containter

    8.) People who blame anything but themselves for THEIR failure

    9.) People who sit next to you on public transportation even when there are other seats available

    10.) Going through the drive thru, then having to go back when they screw your order up

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    Re: What Really Grinds My Gears

    1 But i would like to add talking on their cell phone or texting. Or when you speed up to pass they speed up.
    4 Except Vinnie He is a true Italian. Paulie is alright cause he is from Crantson

    Are in my top ten

    11.) People who wear hats backwards

    12.) People who are white but try to act white.

    13.) People who show up late to class

    14.) People who listen to music through their headphones so loud that it is louder than yours.

    15.) People who are generational Welfare members
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    Re: What Really Grinds My Gears

    Quote Originally Posted by bsox0407;567578;
    12.) People who are white but try to act white.
    I hate white people that act white too. Posers.
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