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Thread: Cody Kukuk to be sentenced next week

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    Cody Kukuk to be sentenced next week

    Sox 7th rounder from 2011 could get up to 43 years in prison for robbery and assault.
    How many more years left in ARod's contract?

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    How is this newsworthy?

    Whys does this subject need a thread of it's own?

    Why even mention it?

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    Eh it's legit prospect news, just as much so as Brentz shooting himself in the foot and I think that made a thread.
    If history tells us anything, the path to redeption for any bad baseball team is marked with a deep rotation of durable starters, a world class defense in both infield and outfield, a lineup that can generate runs in more than one way, a bullpen that won't steal defeat from the jaws of victory, and a top end catcher to hold the whole package together. These are the conditions by which victory is achieved, anything that does not accomplish these objectives is a waste of resources.

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    Must have blown through his bonus money on whores and coke.

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