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Thanks kimmi ��
When i saw him in AA the year they told him to pay more attention to offense, his BB went up and the Ks went down. Took more pitches and usually made solid contact. Add in the passion hes has for the game and position and who he works with in the off season (Jose Molina) and i saw a great all around catcher in the making. Of course his was just an opinion, but he had that “IT” factor that made him stand out...to me anyway.
So happy to see him back to full speed this year and able to help the Sox on BOTH sides of the game. I still believe hes a 280 320 400 hitter moving forward.
Looks like were about to clinch the division
I am happy to see Vaz back at full speed also. I fell in love with him in during his short stint in 2014 because of his defense and have pulling for him ever since.