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Thread: Reputation system

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    Reputation system

    Would it be possible for this site to adapt a reputation system? A lot of other forums have a feature where you can either give reputation for a good post, or like a post, and the more posts that you have liked and so on, you will get a higher rep, it will usually separate the elite posters from the others.

    its a little fun thing other forums have and I like and feel like could be well used on this site.

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    I think the temptation to downvote people you disagree with based on your personal feelings for them rather than the content of their posts might be too much for a lot of people, and in the same vein, failing to upvote excellent comments because you dislike someone might be just as prevalent. I may not be giving everyone enough credit for objectivity, but there is also the potential for the accusation of bias every time someone's rating goes down anyways. I don't like the idea of new members making hasty judgments about people based on their public rating without getting to know them first. A rating system is a fine idea for a site with hundreds or more active users, but for a smaller place like this where everyone basically knows everyone, I don't think it's necessary.

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    I think you can make it like for example the forums use a system where you can like posts, but can't "dislike", I feel like not having dislike is a fine idea, as people will often just dislike people they don't like and be a dick. I mean in the end, it doesnt' really mean anything but I feel like its a cool feature for forums to use.

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    We had something similar years ago before the hack and reboot, but it was basically never used. That more than anything is a good indicator of why we don't need it. We had it, and it was ignored. I'm sure it works fine for other sites, but we're a smaller, tighter-knit community. If we like someone's post, we quote it and say "great post" or "I agree" and list a bunch of reasons why, and that continues the conversation. Adding a "like" button just encourages less posting, because you can just click like and never respond to the posts you like the most. Responding to the posts you enjoy is what keeps things moving. "Likes" work fine for short-attention-span-and-shorter-post social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and if this place ever started turning into Twitter I would drive a tank through whatever building housed the server and then hang myself in the rubble.

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    #agreed #downwithdownvotes #reputation #everypostmatters #herecomedatboi #ohshitwaddup #automatedstrikes
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