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Thread: Tom Brady suspension upheld

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmi View Post
    That is the worst combination EVER. How is that even possible?
    She was spawned from the devil, most likely.
    Fire Farrell - fucking check mark!
    Trade Pedroia
    Sign JD Martinez to play 1B/DH
    Sign Alex Cora for MGR - check plus!

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    Thunder now knows what it's like to be me, lol. Doesn't feel so good does it, lol
    The rebuild is complete.

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    1. Yankees lose
    2. Red Sox win

    Though I try to find the answer to all the questions they ask
    Though I know it's impossible to go living through the past

    Quote Originally Posted by joeycaps View Post
    So shut up because you have no idea on what you say on anything as evidence of some of your ridiculous posts.

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