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Thread: 2017 Yankees Season Thread

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    I wish the Sox could develop arms like the Yankees have been. It's really frustrating how few quality arms we have in minors, whether it be SP or RP..

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    Quote Originally Posted by bkzwhitestrican View Post
    Our bullpen, minus Tommy Layne, is pretty boss.
    Hell yeah, i can't understand how he is still here. If you want a lefty, go grab Tyler Webb. Even Ben Heller, a personal favorite of mine.

    Tyler Austin is on the march back to the majors now. I don't expect huge things, but I could see him being a very nice bench piece or even a 240 hitter with 20 bombs at 1B

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    He can play OF, 3B and C in a pinch.

    Our offensive depth is insane. Literally insane.

    We have an all star level catcher with Romine behind him. Our third catcher hit 25HR in AAA last year. We have Bird on the DL for 1b and his backup led the NL in HR last year. Austin can play there. Headley can shift over too. 2b is an all star. SS is a borderline AS. Our 3b has sucked but behind him and the MIF is Torres, one of baseball's top prospects. Torreyes is a nice piece too. We have four OFers who are all hitting well. Behind them is a top 20 prospect who is holding his own in AAA as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacksonianmarch View Post
    Behind them is a top 20 prospect who is holding his own in AAA as well.
    Ummm, Dustin Fowler too dude

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    Dustin Fowler is finally showing some patience, but man that kid is exciting. He's a cycle waiting to happen. 9 doubles, 7 triples, 7 homers and 5 steals in 165ABs. Impressive to say the least. We are deep and that is a good problem to have. Leaves us open to make trades without pilfering the top of our farm
    How many more years left in ARod's contract?

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