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Thread: March Madness

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    March Madness

    Don't really give an f for college hoops but glad to see Duke and their trip-happy douchebag are out. Buh bye!
    1. Yankees lose
    2. Red Sox win

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    So shut up because you have no idea on what you say on anything as evidence of some of your ridiculous posts.

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    The officiating in these games has been absolutely horrific.

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    First time ever all 4 of my Final Four teams made it to the Sweet 16. Go Arizona!
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    If our new MLB comissioner goes big government and forces all ballparks to get rid of their quirks, we should replace the center field triangle with a cave for Buchholz to live in, and he comes out of it whenever it's time for him to pitch.

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    Yeah, agree those four teams was just great!

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