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Aaron McFarling‏ @aaronmcfarling 1h1 hour ago
Red Sox prospect Michael Chavis 2 dongs tonight -- exit velocities of 114 mph and 115 mph. Stanton territory. Hit dong last nite too.

It's worth noting Chavis allegedly played hurt all year last year. I'm not saying he's a guy again....but he's someone intriguing
That 2014 draft class has looked better and better as time has gone by.

26th pick Chavis has exploded this year.
33rd pick Kopech had issues early, but bounced back and helped us land Sale.
67th pick Travis battled injuries, but is now a highly ranked Sox prospect.
164th pick Ockimey is still a raw talent, but he has big upside.

Ben caught some flack for this draft, but now...