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Thread: Red Sox Trade Deadline 2017 Thread

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    If the roles were reversed, would the Red Sox trade four-plus years of righthander Heath Hembree to the San Francisco Giants for first base prospect Chris Shaw?

    Hembree and Strickland are same-sized 28-year-old righthanded relievers who come with four more years of team control. Since the start of the 2016 season Hembree has posted an ERA of 3.04 and an ERA+ of 147 in 81 appearances while Strickland has posted an ERA of 2.65 and an ERA+ of 153 in 111 appearances. Over that period Hembree has posted 0.9 fWAR while Strickland has posted 1.4 fWAR.

    Edge to Strickland. The irony is that Hembree was drafted by the Giants while Strickland was drafted by the Red Sox.

    Sam Travis and Chris Shaw are MLB Prospect Watch's eighth- and ninth-ranked first base prospects:

    This year as 23-year-olds in Triple A, Travis has posted a wRC+ of 109 in 186 plate appearances while Shaw has posted a wRC+ of 119 in 195 plate appearances. Travis makes more contact while Shaw has more power.

    The John Sickels scouting reports from last December:
    5) Sam Travis, 1B, Grade B-: Age 23, second round pick in 2014 from Indiana University; hit .272/.332/.434 with six homers in 173 at-bats in Triple-A until season ended early with knee injury; scouts love the bat and they aren’t easily impressed with right-handed hitting first baseman; projects as .280ish hitter with moderate power; defensively limited to first base due to lack of speed or plus arm strength; should be ready soon if healthy. ETA late 2017.
    9) Chris Shaw, 1B, Grade B-: Age 23, first round pick in 2015 from Boston College; hit .267/.335/.484 with 38 doubles, 21 homers, 48 walks, 125 strikeouts in 502 at-bats between High-A and Double-A; note large number of doubles to go with the homers; 60-65 raw power and he gets to it more often than not; strikeout rate is a caution flag but not horrible, though more walks would be nice; some observers feel his swing is too long for consistent MLB success but that’s not unanimous; good throwing arm but otherwise a mediocre defender with poor range which may limit his chances, at least for an NL team. ETA late 2018
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