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Thread: 2017 end of season Yankee prospect update

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    We dealt away Kaprielian, Clarkin and Littel during the season yet our pitching didnít seem to suffer. We have an insane amount of arms.

    One guy I totally whiffed on in my rankings, btw, is Canaan Smith. Our 4th rounder out of HS this year had a very solid debut in the GCL. For an 18 yr old, he showed power and patience that usually comes with a bit more age.

    57 games
    .289/.430/.422 with 5HR and 5SB. Heís a good athlete with big power projection and a sweet lefty swing. He walked more than he struck out as well. With our system lacking a bit of position player depth in the lower levels, he should be able to pop quickly if he continues hitting.

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    Rookie Advanced league
    6. Deivi Garcia
    15. Luis Medina

    Flabbergasted that Dermis Garcia missed the list. Absolutely flabbergasted
    How many more years left in ARod's contract?

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    Great to see some guys which are out of the radar, it only shows how strong our system is

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacksonianmarch View Post
    didn't add any guys who were signed this year from the INTL, so Rojas and Pereira don't make it yet. Just missed: Lynch, Cortes, Brewer, Green
    No Cannan Smith?

    nvm saw your last post

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