Youk can feel free to kill this, but I thought others might want to comment on both series. So I'll start by saying that the two best hitting teams emerged and will play in the ALCS.
However, both winners also had some pretty good pitching.

In the Sox case, the rotation was uniformly abysmal. In the Indians case, their ace Kluber was about on a par with our ace Sale--not so great. Plus, and this is really hard to believe, the Indians committed 9 errors in 5 games leading to 7 unearned runs of 21 runs total.

Also, even though he had good hitting and a terrific bullpen, I thought Girardi did a good job managing. Remember, in the wild card game he had to take Severino out after he had given up 3 runs in .1 inning. But I also think Farrell was good because his rotation collapsed and his closer wasn't up to snuff.

The Sox ERA in the ALDS was 6.35, almost double that of the Yankees 3.21. That's a really, really small sample size (4 games for the Sox), but I think most fans think the postseason is when the best players show up. In our case, DD has put his stamp on a big part of this pitching staff, and they did not rise to the occasion.