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Thread: Best Pizza in Massachusetts.

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    I agree that Papa Gino's is pretty decent for a chain.

    All those others make various forms of crap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacoby_Ellsbury View Post
    99% of my lifetime pizza consumption is chain pizza, because I'm uncultured and a bad New Englander. Anyway:

    Papa Gino's is the master race of chain pizza and the main reason I'm a fat fuck.

    I don't mind Domino's. Wish I didn't have to request extra sauce just to get an acceptable amount.

    I liked Pizza Hut up until 2009 or so. Right around then they changed everything and started using that nasty fake cheese and putting wayyyy too much of it on their "pizza". They also started skimping on sauce, and the dough felt hard and stale every time. I haven't eaten it since 2013 after I ordered one for delivery and ended up chucking it in the garbage after a slice and a half. One of the only times I've been motivated to write a negative yelp review.

    Uno's and Bertucci's are both crap. Little Caesar's is toxic waste. Papa John's is bland but not terrible, only had it a couple of times.
    Bertucci's is always disappointing. My dum dum kids love it there. At least the rolls are ok.
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    Insignificant update regarding Pizza Hut... I stepped inside one today to use the bathroom, first time I've been in a Pizza Hut in years, and it smelled like shit in there. It didn't even smell like pizza, there was a faint hint of cheese (fake cheese at that) but mostly very stale and bitter, like leaky onions left on a countertop. Smelled like Chuck E Cheese. The industrial soap in the bathroom was actually a relief on my nostrils.

    And the decor. Pizza Hut used to have cushioned seats, this place was using the same kind of cheap metal chairs my middle school cafeteria used. The poor girl at the counter actually seemed excited for a real customer before I asked her where the bathroom was. What a train wreck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvp 78 View Post
    Bertucci's is always disappointing. My dum dum kids love it there. At least the rolls are ok.
    What you need to do with Bertucci's is buy their dough and make your own. Their dough is very good. The rest of the stuff they put on it isn't good
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