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Thread: 2018 ESPN Prospects Stuff (Sox Related)

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    He is goofy and his swing looks peculiar, but he gets the job done. He's this tiny guy who can go on a streak and smack 9 HR in a month then go dormant. I do love the guy, but his biggest calling card had been the speed, which has clearly taken a step back. He is still pesky in the box and still takes his share of walks, so he is still useful. For as rough as the Headley deal seems (the Yankees got about contract value based on FG's strange value metric) like a loss, the Gardner deal was a big boon for us. The question is, do we decline Gardy's option next year to free up room for Harper? Do we pick it up and deal him? ( He will have 10 and 5 rights). I am not sure.
    I just love him, no way we decline his option next year, Cashman loves this guy, his production needs to fall off a cliff for that to happen. And he's a great clubhouse presence, that alone makes him worth the roster spot.

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    I'm not worry at all, they can rebuild the farm while some of our recent graduates become allstars. We are covered for the next what? 5 years, at least?
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    In the words of Don Corleone when he slaps a crying Johnny Fontaine: "Act like a man!" No, offense ladies.

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