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Thread: Official NBA thread

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    Yeah I was rooting for Curry. He embodies much of what I want myself to be. Plus, there's his wife.
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    If our new MLB comissioner goes big government and forces all ballparks to get rid of their quirks, we should replace the center field triangle with a cave for Buchholz to live in, and he comes out of it whenever it's time for him to pitch.

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    I actually see quite a few Stephen Curry haters, will never understand it, seems like a really good guy and literally has no drama/off the court issues. He overcame a decent amount early on in his career (wasn't heavily recruited, went to Davidson, lots of early injuries) and even sort of screwed himself by signing a "cheap" contract early in his career and never complained. I don't care for the Warriors at all and hate that KD went there, but I really like Steph, he's a humble, great player. Probably best shooter ever.

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    I loved watching him play at Davidson. I couldn't believe he fell as far as he did. The greatest shooter I've ever seen even in 2007.

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