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01-08-2005, 01:24 PM
Please do not put lineups in here, there are no games, this is just to let me know what players are on your MLB roster. I repeat, do not put lineups in here.

01-08-2005, 01:44 PM
Are our rosters still being uploaded, or are those staying at 1/31/05?

01-08-2005, 02:26 PM

Ed Yarnall SP from MLB to AAA

Matt Bush SS from AAA to A

Adam Morrissey SS from AAA to AA
Victor Prieto SP from AAA to AA
Vince Perkins SP from AAA to AA
Adriano Rosario SP from AAA to AA


Craig Wilson 1B from AAA to MLB
Craig Ansman C from AAA to MLB
Pete Laforest C from AAA to MLB
Todd Walker 2B from AAA to MLB
Joe Mays SP from AAA to MLB
Chad Gaudin SP from AAA to MLB
Joe Nelson MR from AAA to MLB
Scott Spiezio 3B from AAA to MLB
Tony Graffanino 2B from AAA to MLB
Mike Cameron CF from AAA to MLB
Mark Teixeira 1B from AAA to MLB
Tom Glavine SP from AAA to MLB

Ryan Bukvich MR from AA to MLB

Bobby Brownlie SP from AA to AAA
Ryan Bukvich MR from AA to AAA
Edwin Encarnacion 3B from AA to AAA
Curtis Granderson LF from AA to AAA
Charles Hiser CF from AA to AAA
Dan Meyer SP from AA to AAA

Ryan Basner CL from A to AA
Ryan Raburn 3B from A to AA
Bill Heger SP from A to AA
Walter Norwood 1B from A to AA
Andre Tarrance SP from A to AA
Jake Vose SP from A to AA
Justin Weschler SP from A to AA


Pete Zoccolillo LF in AAA
Ryan Freel CF in AAA
Tony Mounce SP in AAA
TA Fullmer SP in AAA
Mickey Callaway SP in AAA
Jerry Yarber SP in AAA

01-08-2005, 04:10 PM

SP Yusmeiro Petit from AAA to MLB
SP Victor Zambrano from AAA to MLB
MR Mariano Rivera from AAA to MLB
RF Keith Zelaya from AAA to MLB
SS Micheal Young From AAA to MLB
1B Ryan Howard form AA to AAA
C MItch Maier from AA to AAA
CL Jose Tedesco from AA to AAA
MR Sergio Lizarraga from A to AA
3B Joel Shaughnessy from A to AA

SP Felix Diaz from MLB to AAA
P Condel Castillo from AAA to AA
P Steffen Cousar from AAA to AA
SS Rodney Joyce from AAA to AA
RF Nick PAngborn from AAA to AA
SS Calvin HAyes from AA to A
LF Tuan KIng from AA to A
RF Andres Pantu from AA to A
3B Benny PAscarella from AA to A
2B Anthoney Reep from AA to A
RF Carlso Reyes form AA to A
C Carlos Villegas from AA to A

01-08-2005, 05:24 PM

MR Scott Sauerbeck MLB to AAA

SP Zach Segovia AAA to AA
SP Carlos Delgado AAA to A
SP Frank Pryor AAA to A

SP Jose Acevedo AAA to MLB
C Dennis Anderson AAA to MLB
CF Jermaine Clark AAA to MLB
SS Wilton Guerrero AAA to MLB
MR Billy Koch AAA to MLB
RF Josh Rabe AAA to MLB

MR Frank Brooks AA to AAA
SS Russ Adams AA to AAA
MR Roman Colon AA to AAA
SP Josh Karp AA to AAA
SP Bill Murphy AA to AAA
SP Brian Pilkington AA to AAA
SP Brian Whitaker AA to AAA

MR Anthony Adler A to AA
3B Brian Barden A to AA
SP Jerry Blevins A to AA
SP Kevin Brower A to AA
SP Francisco Butto A to AA
SP Robert Ditch A to AA
1B Juan Figueroa A to AA
3B Cody Haerther A to AA
SP Logan Kensing A to AA
MR Fausto Medina A to AA
MR Jon Papelbon A to AA
MR Mike Watson A to AA
MR Matt Wright A to AA

CF Mike Rodriguez A to AAA

01-08-2005, 08:11 PM
C Tom Gregorio MLB to AAA
1B Randall Simon MLB to AAA
DH Eduardo Perez MLB to AAA
CF Shawn Garrett MLB to AAA
CF Andres Torres MLB to AAA
RF Mark Quinn MLB to AAA
SP Bobby Madritsch MLB to AAA
SP Jason Grilli MLB to AAA
MR Jim Brower MLB to AAA
MR Trever Miller MLB to AAA
MR Scott Strickland MLB to AAA

SS Jose Castillo AAA to MLB
SP Danny Graves AAA to MLB
SP Jeremy Griffiths AAA to MLB
SP Pedro Martinez AAA to MLB
MR Brian Meadows AAA to MLB
SP Curt Schilling AAA to MLB
MR Joe Valentine AAA to MLB
LF Daryle Ward AAA to MLB
SP John Wasdin AAA to MLB
CF Lew Ford AAA to MLB

01-08-2005, 08:43 PM
SP Jose Lima from AAA to MLB
SP Kevin Millwood from AAA to MLB
3B Aramis Ramirez from AAA to MLB
C Juan Brito from AAA to MLB
RP Mike Gallofrom AAA to MLB
SP Carlos Chantres from AAA to MLB
LF Doug Clark from AAA to MLB
RF Carlos Duncan from AAA to MLB
SP Joel Colon from A to AA
SP Brian Hensen from A to AA
SP Eric Hurley from A to AA
2B Richard Frankel from AA to AAA

RP Abe Alvarez from AA to A
SP Garrett Brown from AA to A
SP Ricky Nolasco from AA to A

01-08-2005, 09:20 PM
Toronto Blue Jays

Activate SP Joel Pineiro from DL

C Bengie Molina from AAA to MLB
C Ben Petrick from AAA to MLB
1B Ken Harvey from AAA to MLB
1B Ryan Shealy from AAA to MLB
2B Adam Kennedy from AAA to MLB
OF Richard Hidalgo from AAA to MLB
OF Michael Ryan from AAA to MLB
OF Dave Roberts from AAA to MLB
3B Wes Helms from AAA to MLB
SP Brett Myers from AAA to MLB
RP Matt Ginter from AAA to MLB
RP Kyle Farnsworth from AAA to MLB
RP Octavio Dotel from AAA to MLB
SP Joey McLaughlin from A to AA
C Ronnie Paulino from A to AA
2B Josh Barfield to A
RP Greg Aquino to AAA

1B Eric Karros from MLB to AAA
2B Aaron Holbert from MLB to AAA
SP Justin Wayne from MLB to AAA
RP John Thomson from MLB to AAA
RP Carlos Pulido from MLB to AAA
SP Sean Marshall from AAA to AA
RP Richard Rizzo from AAA to AA
2B Howie Kendrick from AA to A
RP Isorou Mitsukini from AA to A

If my MLB Roster is over 25 guys I will fix it before the season starts.

01-08-2005, 10:08 PM
KC Callups / Send downs

Majors to AAA: RF Dustin Mohr
AAA to AA: MR Nathan Bumstead
AAA to AA: 1B Adam Lind

AAA to Majors: LF Lance Berkman
AAA to Majors: MR Adrian Hernandez
AAA to Majors: CF Andruw Jones
AAA to Majors: 3B Eric Munson
AAA to Majors: 1B Brad Wilkerson
AAA to Majors: SP Ramon Ortiz
AAA to Majors: SP Cory Lidle
AA to AAA: C Kurt Suzuki
A to AA: SP Jake Dittler
A to AA: LF Nathan McLouth

01-09-2005, 11:58 AM
I really should have done this during the season. Sorry about all the extra work.

Jonathon Aceves (MLB to AAA)
Clay Bellinger (MLB to AAA)
Dallas McPherson (MLB to AAA)
Zach McLellan (MLB to AAA)
Juan Dominguez (MLB to AAA)
Russ Adams (AAA to AA)
Phil Avlas (AAA to A)
Cole Seifrig (AAA to AA)
Patrick Sellers (AAA to AA)
Prentice Redman (AAA to AA)
Andre Ethier (AA to A)
Brandon Green (AA to A)
Michael Irving (AA to A)
Casey McGehee (AA to A)
Rico Oliveros (AA to A)
Jeremy West (AA to A)

Rob Nen (AAA to Majors)
Justin Speier (AAA to Majors)
Jose Reyes (AAA to Majors)
Boof Bonser (AA to AAA)
Lance Cormier (AA to AAA)
Mark Freed (AA to AAA)
Tyler Jacobson (AA to AAA)
John Novinsky (AA to AAA)
Jorge Vasquez (AA to AAA)
Jorge Alonso (A to AA)
Frederic Booth (A to AA)
Jaciento Chaidez (A to AA)
Mark Charpentier (A to AA)
Shane Costa (A to AA)
Willard Edwards (A to AA)
Cristian Guerrero (A to AA)
Thomas Hottovy (A to AA)
Mike Huggins (A to AA)
Ellis Leonard (A to AA)
Michael Sweeney (A to AA)
Tommy Whiteman (A to AA)
Augustin Ramirez (A to AAA)

01-09-2005, 12:23 PM

Josh McKinley mlb to aaa
Thomas De La Rosa mlb to aaa
Norihiro Nakamaru mlb to aaa
Endy Chavez mlb to aaa
Jimmy Journell mlb to aaa
Mike Judd mlb to aaa
Phil Avlas aaa to aa
Clarence Burnside aaa to aa
Jose Cisco aaa to aa
Todd Coffey aaa to aa
Angel Garcia aaa to aa
Samuel Gomez aaa to aa
Adam Harben aaa to aa
Hector Gimenez aa to a
Mark Gross aa to a
Jay Marshall aa to a
Tobias Oquendo aa to a
Tony Servantes aa to a
James Skelton aa to a


Matt Clement aaa to mlb
Jerry Hairston aaa to mlb
Mendy Lopez aaa to mlb
Derek Lowe aaa to mlb
Hank Blalock to mlb
Chris George to mlb
Ben Sheets aaa to mlb
Seung Lee aa to aaa
Vicente Mora aa to aaa
Steve Watkins aa to aaa
Nick Bourgeois a to aa
Joseph Delia a to aa
Jeff Dominguez a to aa
Samuel Gaona a to aa
Dusty Gomon a to aa
Clint King a to aa
Gabriel Ramirez a to aa
John Robbins a to aa
Julio Saez a to aa
Herbert Vrooman a to aa

Yanks in 05
01-09-2005, 02:21 PM
SP Barry Zito from Trade to MLB
LF Adam Dunn from AAA to MLB
RF Eric Byrnes from Trade to MLB
RP Ray King from AAA to MLB
CL Eddie Guardado from AAA to MLB
SP John Maine from AAA to MLB
SP John Rheneker from AAA to MLB
RP Jason Gilfillan from AAA to MLB
CF Brian Sellier from AAA to MLB
2B Matt Erickson from AAA to MLB
CL John Trolla from AA to AAA
LF Lizahio Baez from A to AA
CF Joe Easterly from A to AA
RF Matt Murton from A to AA
SS Khalil Greene from A to AAA

SP Ubdalo Jiminez from AAA to AA
SP Justin Garza from AA to A
SP Ronald Stewart from AA to A
SP Joe Kennedy from MLB to Trade

Place Omar Vizqael on the DL

01-09-2005, 03:53 PM
Ugeth Urbina from AAA to MLB
Luis Rivas from AAA to MLB
Chris Woodward from AAA to MLB
Sean Burroughs from AAA to MLB
Yamid Haad from AAA to MLB
Rusty Tucker from AAA to MLB
Russ Ortiz from AAA to MLB
Brad Radke from AAA to MLB
Corwin Malone from AAA to MLB

Cha Seung Baek from AA to MLB
Jon Hayes from AA to MLB

Sean Wooten from MLB to AAA
Jason Giambi from MLB to AAA

Matt Bruback from AAA to AA

01-09-2005, 04:12 PM
Arizona DBacks Promotions/Demotions


P Doug Brocail (MLB) to AAA

3B Brandon Averill (AAA) to AA
P Edward Clelland (AAA) to AA
P Christopher Coady (AAA) to AA
P Ben Davidson (AAA) to AA
P Frederic Einsebarth (AAA) to AA
P Eugene Leal (AAA) to AA
P Ryan Marion (AAA) to AA

2B Juan Benitez (AA) to A
P Manny Declarmen (AA) to A
RF Estee Harris (AA) to A
LF Warner Madrigal (AA) to A
2B Alex Morales (AA) to A


P Roy Corcoron (AAA) to MLB
P Sean Douglass (AAA) to MLB
P Jon Garland (AAA) to MLB
P Danny Haren (AAA) to MLB
P Kieran Mattison (AAA) to MLB
P Chris Mears (AAA) to MLB
OF Shane Spencer (AAA) to MLB
2B J.T. Stotts (AAA) to MLB
P Oscar Villareal (AAA) to MLB
CF Brandon Watson (AAA) to MLB

P Macay Mcbride (AA) to AAA
P Derek Thompson (AA) to AAA

P Derek Tharpe (A) to AA
SS Robert Valido (A) to AA

01-09-2005, 05:16 PM
Minnesota Twins


MR Aaron Fultz from MLB to AAA


3B Troy Glaus from AAA to MLB
CL Eric Gagne from AAA to MLB
MR Alan Embree from AAA to MLB
1B Carlos Pena from AAA to MLB
OF Corey Patterson from AAA to MLB
SS Jaun Uribe from AAA to MLB
SP Jason Marquis from AAA to MLB
2B Victor Diaz from AAA to MLB
MR Dave Maurer from AAA to MLB
MR Jose Valverde from AAA to MLB
C Brian Schnieder from AAA to MLB
SS Omar Infante from AAA to MLB
OF Chris Magruder from AAA to MLB
MR Erick Threets from AAA to MLB

01-09-2005, 08:06 PM
Nomar Garciaparra
Esteban Loaiza
Alex Gonzalez
Trevor Hoffman
Dennis Sarfate
Akinori Otsuka
Chad Paronto

Aaron Hathaway
Brandon Medders
Tim Stauffer
Rickie Weeks
Chris Young

Raul Abadia
Deacon Burns
Ryan Jorgensen
Wayne Lydon
J.D. Martin
Manny Molina
Donald Murphy
Shuji Shinobu

Matt Albers
Omar Anez
Jasper Apgar
Edward Blacker
Aaron Cumpiano
Dan Eisentrager
Colt Griffin
Aaron Marsden
Pete Stonard
Erik Thompson
Scott Tyler

Joaquin Arias
Jarred Ball
Jermal Lomack
Bill Stanek
Matt Tolbert
Theodore Willis

01-10-2005, 09:32 AM
SP Jason Marquis
OF Corey Patterson
2B Juan Uribe

SP Eric Thompson
OF Brian Giles
OF Chris Snelling
SS Julio Lugo


SP Jarrod Washburn AAA to MLB
SP Jerome Williams AAA to MLB
OF Brian Giles AAA to MLB
SS Julio Lugo AAA to MLB

01-10-2005, 07:24 PM
Carl Pavano
Ramon Nivar
Brandon Emanuel
Lee Gardner
Jeremy Guthrie
Moises Alou
Carlos Guillen
Ray Aguilar
Josh Axelson
Jack Hannahan
Wilfredo Ledezma
Nook Logan
Dave Maust
Jorge Piedra
Octavio Amezquita
John Cullens
Alfredo Cedillo
Earnest Cubillan
Jonathon Hunton
Jeff Jackson

Midre Cummings
Randy Dicken
David Arms
Phillip Liner
Matt Lorenzo
Francisco Martinez
Josh Muecke