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01-18-2005, 11:18 PM
7 contact 7gap 7 power 3 eye 4 avoid K's. In a lead off hitter Speed and ability to reach base is most important. I can't deny the fact that Soriano had a great 2004 series, I have to argue
that that was the only time he'll ever do anything like that again (.339 avg 28 hrs). Though for a second basemen he has a great bat is it really worth 62.5 million dollars over 5 seasons? (12.5 a season) with the ratings of 7-7-7-3-4. Hey I would want to dump Soriano too if I was paying that kind of money and getting that kind of deal. The current trade that was agreed upon was this

C, Ivan Rodriguez (4.5 gold, $7million)
DH, Travis Hafner (4.5 gold, $4.2million)

Texas sends:

2b, Alfonso Soriano (4.0 gold, $12.5 million)
SP, Brad Hennessey (4.5 blue, MLC)
SP, Jerome Gamble (3.5 blue, MLC

Hafner may be listed as a DH but anyone can play DH but Hafner plays first with a passion. Milwaukee has A-rod Matsui and Berroa all in their infield and Termell Sledge in CF which is the last
postition Soriano can play. Sledge is a 8-8-6-8-6 wich is only a little drop in power while gaining more contact alot more eye and more avoid k's. Soriano will be playing where? Milwaukee doesn't need Soriano.

Hafner is a better hitter then Soriano just less speed.

Pudge is the best catcher in the game. 10-7-5-5-6. Pudge runs great for a catcher. Has Gold Glove defense, and has freakin 10 contact! Pudge costs 7 million which is still alot cheaper than Soriano. Pudge for Soriano isn't even fair.

What can I say about these specs except that there in the minor leauges. Hennessey is 25 and if hes not MLB ready now he'll never be and hes still pitching in single A. 7-8-8 is his talent with 2-5-3 rating as of now. This spec is a piece of shitake. Jerome Gamble... What can I say. Hes major league ready but is he worth a Pudge or a Hafner? No. 6-7-6 current ratings with and 8-8-6 talent. He is also the Tender age of 25 and is Injury prone detracting from his value. Gamble has pitched in 10 triple A games and has a 4-1 record with 4 games started wtih a 3.36 total AAA ERA.

I have yet to see Milwaukee defend the trade.

01-18-2005, 11:20 PM
This trade is voided anyway. We've had enough of this, I think.