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  1. Me and 12 other visitors at our local baseball park

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ID:	726Baseball overhere in Holland is just a little sport. Most attention goes to soccer, speedskating and speed cycling. Nevertheless,our national team has a rich history aswell as several team.
    Media attention is verty poor, Somtimes with a little luck we see our Kingdom of the Netherlands fellow countryman Xander Bogaerts for a few seconds on national tv.
    Last saturday I was at our local baseball park to cover a homegame from our The Hawks team. Only me and ...

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  2. At least I got my BRS jersey

    Living in a small country like Holland, MLB merchandise is difficult to get. Okay, we do have FootLocker, but there only are caps available. But now, finaly I got a Red Sox jersey.It took some time, but who cares now…!Click image for larger version. 

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  3. Who would you Consider The Greatest Player Of All-Time For The Red Sox

    Please view the following 20 Players. Please feel free to add any sox player whom you feel should have been added.

    1.Carl Yastremski
    2.Roger Clemens
    3.Carlton Fisk
    4.Johnny Pesky
    5.Jim Rice
    6.David "Big Papi" Ortiz
    7.Jason Varitek
    8.Ted Williams
    9.Wade Boggs
    10.Nomar Garciaparra
    11. Bobby Doerr
    12.Babe Ruth
    13. Jimmie Foxx
    14.Manny Ramirez
    15.Tris Speaker