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Thread: Beltran

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    Originally posted by DOrtiz4prez@Dec 28 2004, 09:50 PM
    He says he won't settle for anything beside that 200 mill 10 year deal so I'm not sure your right about that but you are right that if Yanks or Astros don't happen it's Cubbies but I'd say:

    Astros: 52% chance
    Yanks: 38% chance
    Cubs: 10% chance
    if Beltran gets $200 mil over 10 years, it'll be from the Yankees. No doubt about it. I really doubt that even the Yankees will go that far. They WILL outbid everyone else, but I don't think Houston will go higher than 6 years, $96 million.

    My guess:

    Yankees: 45%
    Astros: 35%
    Cubs: 15%
    Mets: 5%

    The Boston Globe was saying that the Mets would enter into the Beltran sweepstakes. Right now I have them as the lowest possibility, but it's a possibility.

    IF this turns into a question of money, nobody can compete with the Yankees. If Beltran is willing to give a discount to play for a team he knows he likes playing for (Houston), they've got a shot.

    Chicago's only got a shot if they are able to trade Sammy Sosa. The only team stupid enough to take on Sosa's contract is the Mets.... which would take them out of the Beltran running instantly. I think the Mets would prefer Manny Ramirez to Sosa, but we'll see if the Red Sox decide to deal him.

    IF Sosa goes to the Mets, the odds change:

    Yankees: 45%
    Cubs: 35%
    Astros: 20%
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    Originally posted by elsrbueno@Dec 29 2004, 09:10 AM

    IF Sosa goes to the Mets, the odds change:

    Yankees: 45%
    Cubs: 35%
    Astros: 20%
    exactly. i think sosa is definitly getting traded so those are my odds also.
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    Basically whoever has sosa in the end is out.

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