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Thread: help

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    i was just away in montreal, got back yesterday

    trying to figure out where everything is at, i saw my team got drafted, thanks, still unclear on what i need to download, what comes next, etc.

    let me know


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    Re: help

    1. Download OOTP5 software (for free) from or I believe GOM posted a link in one of the threads. Install game.

    2. Download league file: Here is where you are going to save it (follow this file path): C: -> program files -> Out of the Park Developments -> OOTP5 and save it there.

    3. Go to that place you just saved the file at (it should save Talksox.lg or something) and double click it, and hit run when prompted. Then when you go into the game itself just go to file open and the league should be there. From there you can call up players, make lineup, pitching changes, etc.
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    Re: help


    when i go to open it, it says invalid player file?

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    Re: help

    I'll run you through it on AIM. Sith712
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    Re: help

    i'll be around until around 530 today, and then later on tonight around 10 and after

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