Ok..this took me most of the weekend daylight hours...coding nearly 100 pages from a program that no longer exists...but....I recreated BOSI, which stands for Baseball Online Statistical Database. All members are required to create a login. From there, I will give you access to your team.

In short....the entire league will go through BOSI. You can access if from the same main league page on the left at www.talksoxbbl.com

I mean everything. You can send PM's to league owners. You can make trade offers online. If you get a trade offer, you can accept, cancel it outright, or modify it as many times as you like.

All the players statistics, from their previous years will show up. You will get as many statistics as you would from any major sports site. You will be able to see their ratings, how they do in different situations, your lineups, everything. It is as in depth as I can make it.

The only thing you cannot do is make changes to your team. That has to happen in the game. If you put a player on the trading block in the game, it will show up on the next update. If you change your lineups, it will show on the next update.

I am working on tweaking it a little more, but it is stable and running.

I am committed to make this league work, but we all need each other's help. All I ask is that you stay active.