Now...what is BOSI? BOSI stands for "Baseball Online Statistical Interface" which was created by a friend of mine, Joe Strano. Basically, the entire stats for the league/players are here. It's a stat-lovers dream. It also leads for ease in communication between league owners. Also trades can only be made here. You'll see why this system is fantastic.
You must register for BOSI. Once you do, send me a PM [gom, Team HGH]. Then I will register you to your team. When you login, don't forget to check your mailbox.

First of all, you can get and send PMs to any league owner. The PMs will also go to his email as well. Please take the time to respond to the other owners, regardless of how crazy the trade offer seems. We are only as good as our activity here.

Now...the Trade Utility. This is the strength of this system outside of the stats. Select the team you wish to trade, and add the players you want to trade. You can even include a little note. You can even offer your player for nothing, sending a note..."Who would you give me for Player X?". Don't worry, even if you make the offer, it takes two "Accepts" in a row for the trade to go to the commissioner for approval. You guys can go back and forth as many times as you like, revising and editing trade offers.

Outside of the trading, however, there is no active part of the site. Play around with BOSI. There are dozens of statistics that help you learn more about your team. You can see individual player ratings, for example, and if you click on the player on a team, you can see his historical stats, as well as his ratings. His stats will change after every update, like how ESPN updates a player's stats after the game. Enjoy it. Please remember to stay active in the league, and take the time to respond to your messages.