Havent posted in a while, but I was thinking of an interesting topic which may lead to some good discussion....

Which numbers in the future do you see being retired? I can think of quite a few, some of which you may or may not agree with, nevertheless it should generate some interesting feedback. Here they are:

5 for Nomar, nobody has worn it since.
14 for Jim Rice, nobody has worn it since.
21 for Roger. nobody has worn it since (Beckett actually refused to ask for it)
24 in honor of BOTH Dewey Evans and Manny Ramirez.....
33 in honor of Varitek. If Pudge can get his retired, then so should Vtek.
34 in honor or Papi
42 in RED, rather than the blue that currently resides on the facide in honor of Mo.
47 in honor of Tito. If he brings in another WS title or two, then he deserves it down the road.
49 in honor of Wake, a no brainer in my mind.
58......a reach only 2 years in to his career, but with the way hes started his career, it could eventually be a lock.

What do you guys think? IMO 24, 33 and 49 are locks to be retired.

Numbers 5, 14, 34, red 42, 47 and 58 are debatable.

Had this whole Clemens thing not occured, or had he returned last season, it would also be a lock.

Let the discussion begin.....