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We aren't the Yankees, we don't retired everybody's number, it is a select list that should get their number's retired.
I didnt suggest they retire all of them, only the most notable players of the last few decades.
Even Rice's number 14, despite the fact that he made the Hall, is a number I'm iffy on the Sox decideing to retire. Tim Wakefield shouldn't have his number retired, you don't reward 15 years of mediocrity.
I think Wakefield gets his number retired, it is the least he could ask for after all we've asked from him. He has done everything asked of him in the most professional manner possible, including signing a lifetime 4 million dollar deal a few years back. Any time a player signs that type of deal, it tells you what the organization thinks about him.
As much as I love Mo Vaughn, you can't retire his number, he didn't have a long enough career in a Sox uniform.
The current ownership has changed many former club policies including this one, dont put it completely past them.

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is this for real?
No your having a wet dream, are you for real? Why cant I talk about notable RedSox players and moving forwards in terms of retiring numbers? I am not suggesting any of them get retired, just the possible likelihood some of the most significant players of recent history get retired.

Pump the brakes little guy.