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Thread: 4/1 @ Oakland

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    4/1 @ Oakland

    Sox ready to re-open season in Oakland
    After treks to Tokyo and LA, club back on regular schedule
    By Ian Browne /

    Matsuzaka 0-0

    Blanton 0-0

    OAKLAND -- They started. Then they stopped. And Tuesday night at McAfee Coliseum, the 2008 Red Sox will re-start for good.

    It has been a strange time for the defending World Series champions, who opened with two games in Tokyo against the Athletics, then played three exhibition games against the Dodgers.

    But after Tuesday's 10:05 p.m. ET contest, when Daisuke Matsuzaka pitches against Joe Blanton, there will be no turning back.

    After having the Opening Day stage to themselves in Tokyo, the Red Sox and A's were the only teams not scheduled to play on Monday.

    "Seeing the games on TV kind of puts you in that perspective [of starting the season]," said Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek. "We still had to mentally be ready for the start of our season. It was pretty difficult going backwards after that."

    In a way, however, it was necessary. The adjustment back to the United States time zone hasn't been an easy one.

    "I think physically, people are going through adjustments with the different time zones," said Varitek. "Physically those were important days for us to hopefully get us acclimated to baseball. There's just been some weird parts of the days and evenings. I've had some nauseous days, where I was nauseous most of the afternoon."

    How are Varitek and the Red Sox doing now, after a few days of re-adjusting?

    "Pretty good," Varitek said. "Getting there."

    Red Sox manager Terry Francona often talks about getting into "the grind of a season". The international opener -- not to mention the spectacle of playing an exhibition game in front of 115,000 people at the Los Angeles Coliseum on Saturday -- has prevented the Sox from fully getting into that grind.

    In essence, the true grind starts Tuesday and won't really stop until the All-Star break.

    "This is the beginning of it," Francona said. "I think we desperately need this. I haven't seen any complaining, which is good. It's been more of reality, 'Hey, we're fighting through this, we'll do the best we can, whatever is thrown at us, we'll try to win games.' I think the hardest thing that I notice right now is getting some continuity going with our swings and our at-bats."

    The Red Sox are in the midst of a journey that began when they left for Tokyo on March 19 and won't truly end until they return to Boston on Sunday night.

    "Any time you start on the road like that and you still have your bags from Spring Training for 20 days, it's difficult," said right fielder J.D. Drew.

    More than anything else, baseball players are creatures of habit.

    No sooner had the Sox started their 2008 season then they had to pause it for a weekend in L.A.

    "Yeah, that was a little tough," said Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia. "You get all that adrenaline going, you're all ready for the season and then it's kind of a letdown for those three days. It was nice to get back on our normal schedule and get some sleep and rest so I'm pretty sure guys are going to be fired up about [Tuesday] and continuing the season on."

    In this re-opener, Matsuzaka can just focus on beating the A's instead of all the hype surrounding his return to Japan.

    "I think he'll be a lot more relaxed," Pedroia said. "A lot of adrenaline was going for him playing in front of his whole country."

    Have the Sox recovered from their jetlag?

    "How do you gauge that?" Francona said. "I'm sure different people feel different all the time. Our guys have done a good job of getting their work in."

    Starting with Tuesday night, the work starts for good on trying to defend a title, something no team has done successfully since the 2000 Yankees.
    "Knicks suck, Jets suck, Yankees suck"

    -Peter Griffin, talking to a New Yorker

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    Re: 4/1 @ Oakland

    First Manny mojo of the season!!
    "Knicks suck, Jets suck, Yankees suck"

    -Peter Griffin, talking to a New Yorker

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    Re: 4/1 @ Oakland

    ugh, first 6:05am on the other side of the world and then 10:05pm. I long for a 7:05pm at Fenway like you wouldnt believe

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    Re: 4/1 @ Oakland

    True that
    "Knicks suck, Jets suck, Yankees suck"

    -Peter Griffin, talking to a New Yorker

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    Re: 4/1 @ Oakland

    Go Dice-K! GO SOX!!!!

    Baseball is back.....all is good!!

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    Re: 4/1 @ Oakland

    I expect Manny to have another good game against Blanton. Dice-K goes six this time, giving up two or three earned runs.

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    Re: 4/1 @ Oakland

    I'm so pumped , just got tickets for a game in june VS arizona in the lodge box section ! cant wait

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    Re: 4/1 @ Oakland

    Having some coffee tonight! Go Sox!

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    Re: 4/1 @ Oakland

    This game starts at 4 am for me. Dammit. Maybe I'll wake up and catch the 9th.

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    Re: 4/1 @ Oakland

    Quote Originally Posted by yeszir;317017;
    This game starts at 4 am for me. Dammit. Maybe I'll wake up and catch the 9th.

    It's starting for me around then too, where are you?

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    Re: 4/1 @ Oakland

    Daisuke Matsuzaka (3 games vs Oakland, 1-1 with a 2.47 ERA---Career at McAfee Coliseum in 2 games, 1-1 with a 2.05 ERA)
    Travis Buck, 1 for 10 (.100 avg) 6 Ks
    Mark Ellis, 2 for 9 (.222 avg) HR, RBI, Walk, K, SB
    Daric Barton, 0 for 4, 2 Walks, 2 Ks
    Jack Cust, 2 for 6 (.333 avg) HR, RBI, Walk, 3 Ks
    Emil Brown, 1 for 7 (.143 avg) Double, Walk, 2 Ks
    Bobby Crosby, 0 for 7, RBI
    Jack Hannahan, 0 for 3, Walk, 2 Ks
    Kurt Suzuki, 2 for 4 (.500 avg) SB
    Ryan Sweeney, 0 for 4, 2 Ks
    Dan Johnson, 0 for 3, K
    Joe Blanton (7 games vs Boston, 2-2 with a 3.67 ERA---Career at McAfee Coliseum in 49 games, 22-16 with a 3.54 ERA)
    Jacoby Ellsbury, 2 for 8 (.250 avg) RBI, 2 Ks
    Dustin Pedroia, 3 for 10 (.300 avg) 2 Doubles, 2 Walks
    David Ortiz, 5 for 18 (.278 avg) HR, 2 RBIs, 2 Walks, 2 Ks
    Manny Ramirez, 10 for 18 (.556 avg) Double, 4 RBIs, 2 Walks, K
    Mike Lowell, 4 for 17 (.235 avg) 4 RBIs, Walk, 2 Ks, SB
    Kevin Youkilis, 6 for 15 (.400 avg) Triple, RBI, 3 Walks, 3 Ks, SB
    Jason Varitek, 5 for 19 (.263 avg) 2 Doubles, RBI, Walk, 4 Ks
    Coco Crisp, 2 for 15 (.133 avg) Double, Walk, 2 Ks, SB
    Julio Lugo, 7 for 25 (.280 avg) 2 Doubles, 2 RBIs, 3 Ks
    Sean Casey, 0 for 4, RBI, Walk, K
    Alex Cora, 0 for 3
    J.D. Drew, 3 for 9 (.333 avg) RBI
    "See what you have to ask yourself is what kind of person are you? Are you the kind that sees signs, sees miracles? Or do you believe that people just get lucky? Or, look at the question this way: Is it possible that there are no coincidences?"

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    Re: 4/1 @ Oakland

    I'm excited about Manny this season. Let's hope he can continue his hot hitting and have a good april like the Manny of old. Manny really hasn't had a good april since 04. Every year he has gotten off to a goodstart he has put up monster numbers.
    "Knicks suck, Jets suck, Yankees suck"

    -Peter Griffin, talking to a New Yorker

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    Re: 4/1 @ Oakland

    oh baby.

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    Re: 4/1 @ Oakland

    Urgh... I hate west coast games.

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    Re: 4/1 @ Oakland

    Win fuckers

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