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Thread: Congratulations!!!

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    Wow I was banned 2 years ago.

    And I can see whats up here.. all you power hungry ass fucking mods have ruined the board.. good for you jerk off together.

    There isnt anyone looking at this board.. its gametime and nobody gives a fuck about this place.

    what a joke.

    Dana Kiecker Fucked Your Mother

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    Re: Congratulations!!!

    Shut your cock pocket.

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    Re: Congratulations!!!

    Its like the wind out of your old ladies cunt.. just a tumbleweed.. a puff.. and a bad smell..

    Dana Kiecker Fucked Your Mother

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    Re: Congratulations!!!

    What's that, your cock pocket? I know this much about old ladies' cunts, they yearn to be filled with young fresh man-meat, just like your cock pocket.

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    Re: Congratulations!!!

    Im not sure if you want to retype that...

    Most dudes dont describe anything in the terms of " yearning to be filled with young fresh man-meat.."

    But hey if thats your thing.. why dont you put some manmeat in your fat mouth and STFU.

    Dana Kiecker Fucked Your Mother

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    Re: Congratulations!!!

    English: We are annoyed with your presence here, and as such I have decided to permanently bar you as well as anyone using your IP address from registering or posting on Have a good life.


    You're a slimy, filthy, attention-whoring tramp and we would all share a guilt-free laugh were you to be arrested in an alley wearing your sister's nightgown and covered in baby batter. Die.
    Quote Originally Posted by YANKEESRULE View Post
    Yea got hand it to the Sox, they just could not go queitly into the night. Well, they are just post-poning the inevitable.
    - From the 2004 ALCS Game 4 Gamethread. A reminder that no game is over until the final out is recorded, and things will always get better. Misspellings unchanged as a reminder that Yankees fans are just terrible.

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    Re: Congratulations!!!

    Thanks YOTN. He even IM'd me...

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    Re: Congratulations!!!

    I was almost going to ban him earlier, but I was laughing too hard.

    He IM'd me a few weeks ago.

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    Re: Congratulations!!!

    This guy was some kind of psycho. Always asking me there strange personal questions on AIM.

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    Re: Congratulations!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!

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