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Thread: dear cocos disciples .

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    Question dear cocos disciples .

    . why did you close my thread kind sir? i did post it in the "anything goes" section and i believe i kept it pg so can you please explain? .


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    Re: dear cocos disciples .

    Quote Originally Posted by Youk Of The Nation View Post
    We're sorry, your search for "Fucks Given By Koji Uehara" did not return any results

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    Re: dear cocos disciples .

    First off, threads in AG can be locked. The moderators are generally more lenient in AG, but we still use our discretion. I used my discretion regarding your thread, because I saw no way it could lead to a positive or even interesting discussion. The subsequent posts in the thread did nothing to dispute this. I think other mods would agree with my decision.

    Also, while you may not be ClayBuchholzIsDaFuture, you're not doing a whole lot to prove it.

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    Re: dear cocos disciples .

    Agreed. And locked.

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