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He is having an amazing year. It had been looking like he was dropping off the last 3 years.

The 44 TDs and 5 Ints fuel his great rating.

He's on pace to break his personal record of 45 TDs, but he's had many seaons with an INT% at 1% or less. (He's at a career 1.4% rate.)

His INT% rate from 2018-2019 was 0.5%!

His top QB ratings by seasons:

122.5 (2011)
119.4 (2020)
112.2 (2014)
108.0 (2012)
106.0 (2007)
104.9 (2013)

This is his best season in a long time.

Coming into this season, Rodgers was tied for the all time lowest interception percentage in NFL history with Tom Brady, and just ahead of Colin Kaepernick...