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Thread: #5 YRTB vs #12 Youker

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    #5 YRTB vs #12 Youker


    C Yao Ming/Marc Gasol/Luis Scola
    PF Derrick Favors/Luis Scola/Marc Gasol
    SF Andre Iguodala/Wilson Chandler/Landry Fields
    SG Brandon Roy/James Harden/Aaron Afflalo
    PG Chris Paul/Chris Paul/Jrue Holiday

    C Yao Ming $17,686,100
    PF Derrick Favors $4,133,280
    SF Andre Iguodala $12,345,250
    SG Brandon Roy $13,603,750
    PG Chris Paul $14,940,153
    6th Marc Gasol $3,573,333
    7th Wilson Chandler $2,130,482
    8th Luis Scola $7,775,378
    BN Jrue Holiday $1,627,920
    BN James Harden $4,304,520
    BN Arron Afflalo $1,959,577
    BN Landry Fields $473,604


    Youker's Team

    PG- Jeff Teague
    SG- Kobe Bryant
    SF- Terrence Williams
    PF- Andray Blatche
    C- DeMarcus Cousins
    6th-Marcus Thornton
    7th- Javale McGee
    8th- Dorell Wright
    BN-Mareese Speights
    BN-Eric Bledsoe
    BN-Reggie Williams
    BN-Brian Scalabrine
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    Re: #5 YRTB vs #12 Youker


    Solid offensively and defensively. Even if Ming gets injured, Gasol is a more than servicable center. He's got a scorer in Roy, a true PG in Paul, a versatile and athletic wing guy in Iguodala, and a up and coming power forward in Favors.

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    Re: #5 YRTB vs #12 Youker

    Other than having the best player in the NBA (Brian Scalabrine), Youker doesn't have too much going for him. Ytrb has one of the best backcourts in the league and has a better offense, defense, and bench than Youker. Granted, Youker missed a lot of the draft, so I won't blame him too much, but Ytrb has a better team all around. I'd write more, but this isn't really a contest.

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    Re: #5 YRTB vs #12 Youker

    YRTB, only advantage for youker is Kobe. and hes old.
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    Re: #5 YRTB vs #12 Youker

    I'll take my team here, but honestly, the only top 50 player in the NBA I see on youker's team 3 years from now is Kobe, and I honestly think Brandon Roy will be about as good as Kobe three years from now

    And he has a decent frontcourt with Blatche/Cousins, but my backcourt would destroy his, CP3 vs. Teague and Iggy vs Terrence Williams
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    Re: #5 YRTB vs #12 Youker

    Yrtb and it's not close.

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