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Thread: Anyone see Wrath Of The Titans yet?

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    Anyone see Wrath Of The Titans yet?

    Im going tonight, just curious if anyone has seen it yet and what they thought of it. I was a bit let down with the first one. I hope the second is better.

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    Re: Anyone see Wrath Of The Titans yet?

    Uh, yeah I just saw it, thanks to Redbox. I didn't think it was better than the first to be honest. Poor continuity from the first movie (different cast to play the same characters, major plot lines involving characters that were for the most part, unimportant in the first movie) and what I perceived as less action overall makes it a B- movie at best.

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    Re: Anyone see Wrath Of The Titans yet?

    I got the disc through the mail from Netflix and just couldn't go through with it, returned it unwatched.
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