We're reading a lot of optimistic reports about Dice 's progress. He's on the second leg of his rehab. Many are projecting that he will be back in the rotation by June 1st. I am on record as not being that optimistic about his return date. Our resident TalkSox physician has opined that it takes more than 12 months for a starter to return to effectiveness. Let's try to guess the date of Dice K's first start. Whoever comes closest to the date of his first Red Sox start will win $20. The prize will get bumped up to $50 if you guess the exact date. The selected dates will be posted here for everyone to see. The date of his return to the roster is not what we are guessing. Also, an appearance in relief doesn't count. We are guessing the date of his first start. There are only a few conditions:

1. Eligibility is limited to members with at least 100 posts
2. Only 1 entry per member
3. You can't duplicate someone else's entry
4. You can't edit your post that includes your entry. That will invalidate your entry.
5. Your entry must be submitted by midnight EDT this Friday (4/27).

Good luck!

Selected Dates:

May 15 Palodios
May 18th Divinity
May 23 MannyHOF24
May 25 ORS
May 28 WhiskeyBreath
June 1 VA Sox Fan
June 6 Laser Show
June 25 redsoxrules
July 6. Yeszir
July15. Iortiz
Aug 7 J_E
Aug 8 a700Hitter