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Thread: Talk Sox Sim League V2.0 Rules

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    Talk Sox Sim League V2.0 Rules

    Talk Sox Sim League v2.0

    I. The Trade Council is made up of one GM from each division, consisting of Noah, Sandman, CalvnHobs, Yagmaster, Yeszir and Radgeta. When the league was in crisis, we had called a meeting of a few managers from the league, and it clicked right then and there that this would be the trade council. Once you are done negotiating a trade with another manager, one manager must post the trade write up in the 'Completed Trades' forum. The thread must be titlted "NYM - FLA" or whatever teams are trading. Included should be both teams, the players, their position, star rating and contract. It should look like this:
    The New York Mets send:
    SP Mike Nannini (5.0 blue stars) Minor League Contract

    to the Florida Marlins for:
    1B Todd Helton (5.0 gold stars) $12,000,000

    II. The key to maintaining a good league is to make sure that we recruit new and quality GMs. When a new user signs up for a team in the league, they will get that team on an interim basis for 2 sims, after which the entire league will vote YES or NO in regards to staying. At the same time, any current member can be voted out by the rest of the league; all you need is the approval of one trade council member, and the person's status is put to vote.

    III. As we start out on a clean slate, we will be using an entirely new system of choosing teams. First, we will all select our own team from the 30 available; team selection will be open at 4 PM this afternoon (Tuesday, November 16th), after which we will have the computer generate 30 team's rosters in a complete fantasy draft. The fantasy draft order will be completely random and will serpentine. Teams will be unveiled at 8PM tonight. As a whole, we have decided to start off in complete parity, and this is the best way to accomplish this.

    IV. All 30 teams will start out financially equal, everybody with 80 million bucks, 50 fan interest and a 'Normal' rated market. As we progress through one season, and as teams end up in last place and first place, the league will truly begin. A 100 win season bumps up your market 2 notches, a 90 win season 1 notch, 90 losses will lower you 1 notch, and 100 losses will bump you down twice. Anything in the middle will remain the same. To add to the realism of the league, fan interest will be adjusted according to your off-season. Every new 5.0-4.5 free agent is +5, 4.0-3.5 is +4 and 3.0 is +3; on the contrary, for every 5.0 lost is -5 and so on; this also applies to players you bid on and lost in free agency (For example, when the Mets bid on and were outbid for Vladimir Guerrero, their fan base was pissed); no fan cares about a 2.0 or 1.0 signing or releasing, so there will be nothing changed for these types of players.

    V. Simming will be divided up among 4 of us. Sandman will handle all trades, signings, re-signings and front office moves, while Radgeta, Noah and Yagmaster will help out with lineups for a specific division (everything will be done via importing and exporting); splitting up the work between 4 guys will not create a burden upon anybody and should help ease the smoothness and the on timeliness we've had trouble with in the past. In addition, if you own OOTP6, you will be given the opportunity to edit your own team using the game.

    VI. The deadline for all Free Agent signings and Trades will be Tuesdays and Fridays at 7 PM, and the league file will be available at 8 PM. There will be an update the following day. I understand this may not be a popular decision, but it seems to work best for those wanting to edit lineups using the game. It also finally gives us the added feature of the waiver wire! All lineups (callups, send downs, releases, depth charts, etc..) must be posted or exported by 8 PM on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The sim will be uploaded the following day.

    VII. During the regular season, free agency will be on a first come first serve basis. The first team to post an offer that the player likes will get the player, there are no bidding wars during the season. During the off-season, there is a whole 'nother set of rules (will be posted when the time comes).

    VIII. Please understand that we are human, and we will make mistakes. If you find a problem with your roster, that you can prove is 100% our fault, please post in the complaints thread, and when the draft rolls around you will be rewarded with compensatory draft picks.

    IX. As a prize for being a top team in the old sim league, the first Amateur Draft order will consist of the old power rankings, from 1-30.

    We will always be adding to this list, so please feel free to make suggestions in our suggestions thread.

    There will always be a favorite, there will always be an underdog, and there will always be that one team you can count on to lose; there's nothing we can do to change that. We want to create a league of 30 GMs that are each comitted to making their franchise better, 30 GMs that have a clue and a direction, and 30 GMs that will help make this the best damn sim league on the internet.
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    X. The League's financial status has been completed and all players have been adjusted to their real world salaries. All teams are on a budget of 80 million bucks, even though some are way over. If you would like to include cash in the deal, look at your "$ for Free Agents" in your financial report. This is your available cash.
    - You can send up to 3 million dollars OR as much cash as salary you're sending; budgets will be adjusted accordingly. For example, if you're sending a player that makes 15 million dollars and a player that makes 3 million dollars, the most you can send is 18. If you're trading players making less than 3 million dollars, 3 million is the max.
    - If one or more teams involved in a deal are over their budget, you must get salaries to match within 2 million dollars.
    - You cannot send cash to another team if you are over budget.
    - There must be one player from each team involved in each trade.
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