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Thread: The Video Game thread.

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    EA has cancelled the making of NCAA Football. Wow. Big news.
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    Quote Originally Posted by a700hitter View Post
    Hitting the ball with his nose was the best contact Pedroia has made in 3 games. Who needs Pedey, we have Brock Holt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by User Name? View Post
    After you do the first one (Which is a Strangers and Freaks "?" event for Franklin) you can only find the rest on his map between 8 PM and 5 AM.
    Thank you so much for the answer. I had no idea it was time dependent. It took me a while to figure out that it was just Franklin in the first place.

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    My TV has been slowly not working over the past few days so it looks like my plans to finish that (and my old MLB The Show RTTS File) are put on hold for a while. Damn it.

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    Right now I'm marathoning Legacy of Goku II in a desperate attempt to distract myself from my own hell in progress.

    Best combat of the series, hands down. I really wish they kept the charged melee attacks for Buu's Fury. I like the fact that you can level up faster in that game and allocate stats as you please, but there's zero combat variety and there's almost never a reason to use your energy attacks since half the overworld enemies have shields it seems like. It's literally just punch, rundown, punch, rundown, repeat.

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    Batman: Arkham Origins getting lambasted by the video game "critics". What a shitload of fuck. It's a great game.

    I get that it's very similar to Arkham City, but what did they expect? That game was very close to being perfect.
    We miss you Mike.

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    Anyone getting the new PS4?

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    Quote Originally Posted by redsoxrules View Post
    Anyone getting the new PS4?
    Next year probably. I got a ps2 and ps3 early in their life cycles, and it wasn't worth it. You pay more for the system, more for first-party accessories, you pay full price for all the games -- and most of them are rushed and not that good. Although, I found that new consoles are where you will find the most value in a service like Gamefly. That being said, I'm cheap, and other people enjoy being an early adopter enough to shell out.

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    Yeah, I'm also waiting.
    I plan on getting it though as the specs are way more powerfull than the previous one.

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    I never get consoles until the second or third generation and all the bugs and shit have been ironed out.
    We miss you Mike.

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    I've never had any issues with the PS system and I all bought them within a month of being released. Reason I want to wait is because it gets cheaper.

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    MLB 2k series cancelled and no baseball games for Xbox one. Sad to see it go but I can't remember the last time I touched the series.

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    Dark Souls II is awesome.
    We miss you Mike.

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