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Thread: h2h Points Fantasy League

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    h2h Points Fantasy League

    This is not a category league like talksox is running, but I'm offering it as an alternative second league.

    On the Sox fan site - Over the Monster - they have 6 full leagues going, so when I started this one over there it was pretty saturated already.

    As a result, we still have 7 openings for this free, head-to-head, 16-team league. 5 keepers from year-to-year. The scoring values are the same as they are in real baseball so it's called The Sabermetric League.

    Post here if you're interested, or email me at dsharp88(at) and I'll send you an invite.

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    Re: h2h Points Fantasy League

    We now have ONE opening remaining for our league. It's a point-based, head-to-head league that runs similar to fantasy football with weekly matchups and playoffs at the end.

    Email me at dsharp88(at) and I'll send you an invite.

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