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Thread: Rules?

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    Re: Rules?

    Quote Originally Posted by a700hitter View Post
    I have Standing Room on ignore, because he obviously has continued to bait me. I have not engaged him since I put him on ignore today and I will not refer to him in my posts from this point on. I hope that helps, but I fully expect that his behavior will degenerate and he will be banned once again. He really can't be compared to any other TalkSox member, because he has never shown the slightest bit of good faith in his many incarnations.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Rules?

    Quote Originally Posted by a700hitter View Post
    Thanks Ital. That may be the most objective analysis of me that I have read. I have admitted many times on this forum that I can be a prick, but it almost always in response to someone else behaving badly. I realize that 2 wrongs don't make a right, but today, I just pointed out that UNs post had nothing to do with baseball then it degenerated from there with Dutchy jumping in and egging on UN along with a few others.
    I also think there's a difference between offsite and onsite persona. I feel like our discussions off the boards paint you in a slightly different light than some of the open thread arguments/discussions. It's all about balance really.

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    Re: Rules?

    I guess I still wonder why I still got the bat penis pictures even after I defended Dutchy all of these times.

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    Re: Rules?

    Despite the ulterior motives that went into starting this thread, it's pretty clear to everyone that this place sucks. And its because of maybe 6 members who for some reason have gone all Hatfield and McCoy and won't get off each others nuts.

    There are 2 solutions:

    1) I hand out 6 or 7 permanent bans. And no one is allowed back. Activity on the forum takes an initial dip but everyone else suffers much much less. The only reason this hasn't happened yet is because I have way too many other things going on right now to read through threads to see who's taking pot shots at who.

    2) This ridiculous feud stops. There's so much finger pointing in this thread veiled as "why can't we all get along" type comments. Those don't help either. Ignore each other or leave, but don't play the victim because everyone involved in this is wrong.

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