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It makes people explode? That's a little disappointing, I had hoped it just bounced around crushing/running over people. Making people explode makes it slightly less ridiculous as a method of killing.

I remember a movie about a murderous elevator. That had to be one of the worst. It's inside a building. It can't chase you. Just...don't go into it. You can literally stand in the hallway and mock it. It's like being strangled by a guy with no arms or legs. If you couldn't avoid it, you deserved it.
“Rubber” was made as sort of a “why did this get made” movie, according to the bookends. But it’s absolutely got its moments.

Your elevator movie was “The Shaft”, starting Naomi Watts. Yes it’s another stupid horror movie so bad it’s laughable.

If you like laughably bad horror, I strongly recommend “Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs” starting Rib Hillis and Eric Roberts. Or really any movie with Rib Hillis in it. Or Eric Roberts at this point in his career...