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Thread: New announcement, please read last post 8/16/2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxbialystock View Post
    But here's my real point. Why not encourage new threads and then bury them after a day or two in something like Kimmi's beating a dead horse thread. The criteria for burying could as simple as the number of replies per 24 hours, which is very easy to check.

    I also like to express contrarian views as you might have figured out by now.
    There is only one active moderator on here, so I don't think his time should be spent determining which threads to bury unless they don't fit in our format. Unless we are going to pass around a collection plate for YOTN, I don't believe he has the time for that. I think he's doing a great job on his own and don't believe more needs to be put on his plate.

    Your White Sox post may have been better received if it was titled "Are We at a Season Defining Moment for the Sox?" Since posts tend to stick around for a while here, it would be better if the title was more descriptive of what the discussion would be about.

    Contrarian views are fine by me.
    "Let's go!" - Joseph Kelly Jr

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    Yeah I don't particularly care for the idea of having to scan through each thread after it has been active for a while to see whether or not it should be merged into another one. That was part of the reason I made this thread in the first place.

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    One more time, then I will drop it. I see no need for Youk to read every thread. My idea is to simply check the number of replies after the thread has been going for, say, one day (or two days). If the number is low, move it to the scrap heap thread.

    That said, I truly appreciate what Youk is doing because talksox is a good website and fun to contribute to. I had no idea we only have one mod.


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    The moderating seems very good, & I like the soft handed "suggesting," as oposed to heavy handed rebukes.

    I would however slightly disagree about thread starting. While I hate it when guys start repetitive and competing threads on the same topics, most of the threads I see on the front board are pretty unique, and have very distinctive topics. Makes it easy to follow a player or topic you are passionate about, as opposed to a catch all, who knows what the topic will be dejur??? No interest in going there to have people talk past others.

    A solid reminder not to start a thread for every fleeting thought? Yes!

    So, all in all good job.

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    That's because the posts that YOTN was talking about are no longer on the front page.
    "Let's go!" - Joseph Kelly Jr

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    Except for the "batting ninth" one.
    "Let's go!" - Joseph Kelly Jr

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    Well said.

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    Alright, I'm going to close, unpin, and move this thread back to the Front Desk forum, now that it has served its purpose. Thank you everyone.

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    In the few days since I removed this thread from the top of the Talk Sox forum, we have had a welcome thread for one user created by another user in the General Baseball forum, a thread created for a video clip of a girl's softball game in the Talk Sox forum, and a thread about a topic we were discussing in the General Baseball forum created in the Talk Sox forum. I guess I should keep this up a while longer.

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    Well, I really, really didn't want to have to do this, but I am out of options. I tried politely asking, I tried politely asking again, I tried ignoring the problem in hopes that you guys would figure out how obnoxious you were being on your own, and I tried the message board equivalent of yelling at you. I wanted to avoid coming down hard and going the tin-god route, but this has gone on far, far too long. I am now getting PMs from some members, (and not just from those who have been here for years) about the proliferation of useless, stupid threads. So here goes:

    Anyone, and I mean anyone, who starts one of these threads, will be warned once through PM. The second offense will result in a 14-day period where you will be required to PM me your thread ideas and receive permission before starting them. The third offense will result in a one-week ban. Any further offenses after the conclusion of that ban will result in bannings increasing in length by one week. (Two weeks for the first, then three, et cetera). I really, really hate this. I want everyone to be clear about that. I rejected this option five months ago out of a desire not to be a dictator, but rather than attempt to modify ridiculous behavior, it's actually gotten worse.

    Here is a list of threads which will fall under the category above:

    - Threads whose opening post is something that clearly belongs in an active Gamethread. This includes things like: "I'm sick of our guys getting thrown out at home", "Wow, Mookie is really hitting well tonight", and the like.

    - Threads about individual players that ask hypothetical questions that are already being discussed in threads on the front page. This includes: Threads asking if a guy should be moved from the rotation to the pen, or vice versa, threads about where one specific guy is batting in the lineup, threads about how great a certain player is at something, and the like

    - Threads about broad, unspecific, or nebulous topics that would better fit within existing discussions. This includes things like hypothetical and unlikely trades that could easily be discussed in Hot Stove or Trade Deadline discussion threads.

    - Functionally useless threads, including: Threads in the Gamethread forum asking why there is no gamethread, threads suggesting new player nicknames, or threads for random video clips or quotes.

    This is by no means a complete list, so I will ask again, as I did months ago, that you seriously consider, even for a few friggin seconds, whether or not your new thread idea can be added to an existing discussion.

    Some of our newer members have been here for a little less than six months, and the first FIVE pages of threads in the TS subforum are made up almost of exclusively of threads started by you guys. And that is not even including the 150-200 threads I have deleted or merged in the past five months. And to any of you who believe that I am exaggerating, think again. I have deleted or merged at least one thread almost every day since you all joined, and sometimes more than one. If anything, that number is probably low.

    Now people are messaging me, asking me why I am not doing anything about the fact that people are flagrantly ignoring the repeated requests not to clutter up a formerly easily navigable forum with a bunch of threads with no points to make. When you are annoying me, sometimes I just have to suffer through it in noble silence. When you start annoying a few other people, you are on the path towards making this place unbearable. So enough is enough.

    One more thing: I am not unlocking this thread. Unlike the first time I asked, back on page 1 of this thread, this is not an invitation for people to argue with my decisions or explain why they believe they aren't doing anything wrong, or explain why maybe if I just thought of it this way I would be much happier just letting everyone keep doing what they're doing. I don't want a bunch of aggrieved PMs decrying my dictatorial cruelty in demanding that you be allowed to continue making four separate threads about Travis Shaw every week. That first page is still there for anyone who wants to dispute the fact that I tried doing this the polite way at first. Just stop.

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