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Thread: Great Read on 9/11 Aboard Air Force One

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    Great Read on 9/11 Aboard Air Force One

    Let's leave the positive/negative Bush comments out. Amazing how far communication technology has come in 15 short years.

    The professionalism of the Secret Service and the military was incredible. Even down to telling people to remove the batteries from cell phones so that the plane could not be tracked.

    Perhaps my most lasting memory of that day was standing in my back yard here in Moline, Illinois late that afternoon, looking up at the blue sky and not seeing the trails from planes that you take for granted. And then seeing 3 of them as Air Force One and its fighter escort passed overhead.
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    I read this article by the pilot. Very fascinating. I know it was uncharted territory with no scripted gameplan, but I fault them for flying round aimlessly waiting for the all clear. Should have gone to the Nebraska base, or any other top security facility, immediately.
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