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Thread: Ticket Discussion: Sales, Trades, Giveaways, and Information

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    Quote Originally Posted by S5Dewey View Post
    I've had good luck with both Fanatics and MLBshop but I'm in the US.

    I understand your frustration though. I ordered a Mookie Betts game-type shirt for my granddaughter (gotta raise 'em right!) from an outfit called "" through a website located in Chicago on December 13. On the 14th they sent me confirmation that it was shipped and a tracking number - which doesn't work. I should have been apprehensive when the tracking number was for Canadian parcel post. Canada Parcel say it's not in their system.

    NOW I find out fanzoutlet is a Chinese organization and other people have had trouble with them too. Looks like I'm out $49 (ok, I got lured in by the low price ) because Visa won't investigate any charge less than $50.

    The moral: Don't buy anything from Learn from my mistake.
    Sorry to hear that S5D.

    Actually I tried to buy at in the first place because I thought that it should be safe and the service should be oks.

    A year ago I bought some jerseys at a web page which after a while I found out that was chinese as well —not sure if it is the same you are presenting, but the name sounds familiar. My order arrived but it took like 3 months. The reason? They send their stuff via the postal service and not a carrier like dhl, fedex, etc.

    Said that, IMO you still have chances to recive your stuff S5D. Good luck my friend.
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    For anyone interested - Green Monster seats go on sale at noon today.
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    I will be going to the Red Sox - Yankees next Wednesday night. The Yankee fan whose tickets I will be using also has Tuesday night's game available. He is looking to get $35 for the $56 tickets. He has 2 tickets (total $70). They are handicap accessible seats in a nice location in the lower deck a little behind 3B. If any of you NY/NJ metropolitan area members are interested, send me a PM.
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    It's the bullpen, stupid.

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    The only sale I'm concerned about is named Chris. Well, that's not quite true. Package him with Barnes, and get them both out of town. I think Wright has a lot on his shoulders right now.. His"change of pace" is always effective.

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    So I'm trying to get Student 9's for Saturday, but they don't make them available until the day each homestand starts. What kind of system is that? They changed it recently. At least I'm not going tomorrow, or else I would be buying them on the day of the game. At least it's a good deal and great seats.
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    Heading over to Boston from Ireland in April next year and hoping to catch the Red Sox (ideally on Sun 19th April).

    Does anyone have any idea how long in advance tickets go on sale? Single game tickets don't seem to be available just yet. It's the weekend of the Boston marathon so I anticipate it will be busy and don't want to miss out.

    Any help appreciated!

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