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Thread: 2017 Yankees Minor League Thread

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    2017 Yankees Minor League Thread

    Figured it was time to update the thread since the 2016 autopsy is complete and 2017 is due to be rung in in 2 months. BA came out with the top 10 list for NYY. Its on the free side and it is located here:

    1. Gleyber Torres SS- We picked up this kid in the Chapman deal. He doesn't turn 20 until December and he has already more than held his own in High A for both Chicago and NYY. He was a full 3.7 years younger than average in High A and still put together a .270/.354/.421 triple slash with 11HR and 21SB. Now he is in the AFL, leading his team in HR and OPS through 10 games against guys who are a full 3-4 years older than him. This kid is a future stud. He has the glove to handle SS and the bat to handle 3B should a position change be necessary as Didi is more than holding his own on the big league level. He has the hit skill to hit .300 and the power speed combo to at least be a 20/20 guy. He was already a top 20 prospect in all of baseball coming into the season and could land in the top 5 or 10 by the time all the rankings come in during the winter. That we got him on a rental deal is insane. He should be the starting SS in AA next yr.

    2. Clint Frazier CF- We got him in the Miller deal. He just turned 22 yrs old and has already tasted AAA for both CLE and NYY. He was a full 4 years younger than average in AAA. He had a solid start to the yr in AA with a .827OPS and 13HR/13SB in 89 games. He struggled on promotion to AAA with CLE and then missed time with hamstring issues when moved to NYY. Needless to say, the plan is for him to start 2017 in AAA and earn his way up the ranks. He has raw power, beyond the 16HR he hit last yr and speed that should make him a 20/20+ player and a solid defender in CF. He should make his debut in 2017 sometime in the summer.

    3. Blake Rutherford- OF- a 2016 draftee, Blake fell due to signability issues and issues with his age (at 19, he was a year older than your typical HS draftee). All Rutherford did was crush the ball in his pro debut. He hit .382 with a 1.062OPS in 25 games. Of his 34 hits, 13 were for extra bases. His K rate needs a bit of work (24 in 25 games) but he showed good patience, power and speed in his time down there. He did have two stints on the DL due to hamstring issues, so he needs to work on that. He is being listed as a 4 tool player, probable corner OFer due to arm strength issues. He has the range for CF, so he sounds like an OF version of Ellsbury with solid speed and a shit arm. BA has him pegged as a RF with NY. Regardless, this kid can mash and should bypass the NYP altogether and start 2017 in the long season leagues, either in Charleston or Tampa.

    4. Jorge Mateo, SS- Some of the shine came off Mateo this yr due to immaturity issues. He came out of the gate like gangbusters, but when Andujar was moved up and he was left behind, he pouted and complained to management. This earned him a 2 week suspension and spiraled what was looking like a great yr into a lost season. He should probably move up to AA anyway now, but he wont have the SS position to claim anymore as Torres has surpassed him. He still stole 36 bases and hit a career high 8HR, so it wasn't all terrible. He very well may have to move to 2b or CF for next season, but how he progresses is up to him. He is supremely talented and one season off of an 82SB season.

    5. James Kaprielian SP- Kap was drafted as a control pitcher, but on arrival saw a major velocity bump into the mid to high 90s. Unfortunately, after three dominant starts, he was shelved for the season with a "forearm strain". Well, he's back now and pitching well in the AFL. A healthy Kap could even be an option in the bigs for 2017. He was that dominant. Even though he missed all but 3 starts, the stuff and polish are there that he could start in AA

    6. Aaron Judge RF- He still qualifies as a prospect since he didn't extinguish his rookie status. He started 2016 cold in AAA, came back and dominated and then got some time in NY by the end of the yr. He has light tower power, good speed for a big man, and an impressive arm. What he lacks, though, is plate protection and with his big frame, that's an issue. He also needs to be a little more aggressive. Far too often, he'd find himself in 0-2 holes after taking two pitches and then was done from there. He has the looks of a Richie Sexton kind of producer. High HR totals, ultra high K totals, good walk totals and probably a middling average.

    7. Justus Sheffield SP- Crazy that a guy who started the yr in the top 100, had a dominant season, gets dealt and ends up at 7 on the BA team list. Just a testament to the depth here. Justus is small framed, so he gets overlooked a lot, but he can hit the mid 90s, sits around 92, has a good change and breaking ball, and has solid command for someone so young. He doesn't turn 21 til May and yet he made it to AA this season. When he got to NYY, he was practically unhittable with a 0.923WHIP and a 9+K/9IP. Should start 2017 in AA and climb from there

    8. Chance Adams SP- another small framed guy with power. Chance can run it up into the mid to high 90s. He has a solid three pitch mix and was the Yankees best minor league pitcher in 2016. He just turned 22 two months ago and has already mowed down high level competition. Across A+ and AA, he went 13-1 with a 2.33ERA 144/39 K/BB in 127.1IP with a 0.90WHIP. He was actually better in AA than in High A and looks to start the season in AAA with a good shot at a callup in 2017.

    9. Dustin Fowler OF- A versatile OFer who profiles best at a COF spot, Dustin played 2016 solely in CF as a 21 yr old in AA. He had a .770OPS, but that was mostly based on a poor walk rate. He otherwise filled up the stat sheet. 12HR, 15 triples, 30 doubles, 25 steals. He needs to work on the patience, but 57 extra base hits as a 21 yr old in AA looks really nice for future power, especially for a lefty in Yankee Stadium. He has the looks of a 25/25 guy. His value could rise if they keep him in CF, although I expect him to be in LF in AAA to start 2017 as Frazier has a lock on CF

    10. Domingo Acevedo SP- Domingo is a power armed pitcher with a dynamite changeup and a gigantic frame. He missed some time with leg injuries, but piled up the K's (near 10/9IP) and showed impressive command. He turns 23 during spring training, so the Yankees have been careful with the kid, but the kid gloves should come off in 2017. I expect him to team up with Kaprielian and Sheffield in a pretty stacked rotation for 2017 in AA.
    The rebuild is complete.

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    Post McCann trade

    1. Torres
    2. Frazier
    3. Rutherford
    4. Mateo
    5. Kaprielian
    6. Judge
    7. Sheffield
    8. Abreu
    9. Tate
    10. Acevedo

    Yankees current payroll will sit around 155 million. I'm excited to see what else is in store. We have some addition pieces that could be sold away. Payroll room to add some interesting free agents too.

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    Gleyber won the AFL MVP, the youngest player ever to do so. He's gonna be a star

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacksonianmarch View Post
    Gleyber won the AFL MVP, the youngest player ever to do so. He's gonna be a star
    I just read your blurb on him a few posts up.

    So AA this year. So maybe late 2018 or 2019 he could be replacing whatever stiff is playing 3rd for the Yankees? Or do you see Didi moving off position then?
    "Hating the Yankees like it's a religion since 94'" RIP Mike.

    "It's also a simple and indisputable fact that WAR isn't the be-all end-all in valuations, especially in real life. Wanna know why? Because an ace in run-prevention for 120 innings means more often than not, a sub-standard pitcher covering for the rest of the IP that pitcher fails to provide. You can't see value in a vacuum when a player does not provide full-time production."

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    He's the goods at SS, but if Didi is hitting 20 bombs a year with an OPS approaching .800, nobody is moving him off position. Gleyber starts 2017 in AA. If he tears it up and we're in contention, there's a chance he debuts in 2017

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    The depth of this system is absolutely insane. Any of the top 7 could be a top prospect in another organization. We just added two more high velo arms that could skyrocket up the system if they can harness their stuff. Abreu played 2016 as a 20 yr old (turned 21 in Sept) and pitched well in long season A ball. He sits mid 90s with plus flashing slider and changeup and a developing curve. FB can touch as high as 99. Has issues repeating his delivery, hence the high walk rate, but hitters don't hit him well and he racks up the K's. Jorge Guzman turns 21 in January and has even more heat than Abreu. He can touch 103mph but is best when he's SITTING 97-98. He has a developing slider and a nearly non-existant change for now. Both have high end upside. Both have some issues with repeating their delivery. IMO, Abreu looks more like a potential starter as he has the plus movement on 2 off speed pitches, while Guzman looks more like a 2 pitch pitcher with a supreme fastball.
    The rebuild is complete.

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    James Kaprielian had a pretty solid fall as well and finished his final start hitting 97mph. 26/8 K/BB ratio in 27IP with a 1.11 WHIP in a pitchers league. Very promising.

    And Dillon Tate, the #4 overall pick from 2015 who we got in the Beltran deal, found himself out there. Topped out at 98mph, had an 11/1 K/BB rate with a 1.07WHIP in 9.1IP out of the pen. He is likely headed to Tampa as a starter in 2017
    The rebuild is complete.

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    Yankees BP Top 10
    1. Torres
    2. Frazier
    3. Mateo
    4. Rutherford
    5. Sheffield
    6. Kaprielian
    7. Judge
    8. Abreu
    9. Wade
    10. Adams

    Solid list, a little high on Abreu, a little low on Tate.

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    I don't get the love for Wade. He's a solid player, I get it, but his ceiling is an average starting middle infielder with a good chance he ends up as a backup. I like lists with guys whose potential is through the roof. Tate belongs on that list
    The rebuild is complete.

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    Gleaner Torres #1 prospect in baseball per Mayo

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    The Yankees have a really good farm system now. Cashman did a good job with that.

    And I wouldn't count them out from being competitive this year.

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    Our farm system is loaded at the top but it's very deep. Every level has prospects with top end talent. Every position is deep. It will be interesting to see what NY does with all this talent, because they can't all stay in one org.

    In terms of competitiveness, I'm seeing it for what it is. We are in a bridge year. We have enough talent to be competitive but enough question marks to potentially make us bottom of the barrel. My hope is that we don't go on a losing stretch and start spending our prospect capital in season. It'd be a year too early

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    Mateo sure drop of the face of earth.

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    He's still a top 10 SS prospect in all of baseball. I think he was #8. The kid has all the tools in the world, but he needs a bit of an attitude adjustment

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    My little update I got on my phone was misleading. Beni was #1, Gleyber #3. Yankees had 7 guys in top 100, most in the game. Most were top 50

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