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Thread: 2017 Yankees Minor League Thread

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    Prospectus had us with 9 of the top 101 including Tyler Wade and Abreu

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    Whatever become of those several dozen signings of IFA a few years back? They went nuts signing so many at once.

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    They all played as 18 yr olds last season. Dermis Garcia had a huge power season in his first year stateside, but struck out a ton. Wilkerman Garcia is already a top 15 prospect for us, but he had a down year last year in Pulaski after killing it as a 17 year old. Nelson Gomez also hit a bunch of HR, but had trouble staying healthy and hitting for average. Yancarlos Baez has been converted to a pitcher. Miguel Flames converted from C to 1b and made it stateside last year. Brayan Emery made it stateside and had a rough first year. Jonathan Amundaray is still in the DSL and hasn't progressed

    With a lot of these guys, you have to give them a mulligan their first year stateside as they're learning the culture and the language plus being teens away from home the first time. This year we should see who's going to be good or not. My hope is one of those guys becomes a big league starter. If so, the investment is worth it. My top two probabilities are the two top bonus babies, the Garcia's

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    Blake Rutherford is on fire to start the year. He bypassed SI and went right to Charleston (A ball). He's 8 for 16 with 3 walks, 3 doubles, and a steal in 4 games. The kid is as good a hitter as you'll find in the minors. He likely wont be long for A ball, as he is just far too talented. Good chance he spends a fair amount of time in Tampa this year
    The rebuild is complete.

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    Interesting write up on our #5 starter. He fell to the fourth round due to velo concerns. He was high 80s topping out at 90 on draft day. Now he sits 92 and tops out at 94. That's big league velocity. He always had the command and the good but not overly spectacular off speed offerings. Now with big league velocity, a big league arsenal and excellent command, he is going to surprise some people. His size also makes the 92 look a lot faster. He really jumped up the ladder fast

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    Kaprielian undergoes TJS. This fucking medical staff is garbage
    The rebuild is complete.

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    Tampa Yankees are in their 8th game and Mateo just stole is 7th base to 1 CS. The guy might steal 100
    The rebuild is complete.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacksonianmarch View Post
    Tampa Yankees are in their 8th game and Mateo just stole is 7th base to 1 CS. The guy might steal 100
    Stolen bases are overrated.

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    He's also hitting .323 with a .400OBP
    The rebuild is complete.

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    Gleyber Torres moving on up to AAA. Did well (.276 BA, .850 OPS) with Trenton. He has a chance to be in the bigs this year, potentially as a 3b if Headley's struggles continue. The kid will legally be able to drink this winter

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    Seems like almost every healthy pitcher in the minors for the Yankees has been tearing it up. Herrera tonight 6.2 IP 2H 0BB 9Ks. Continues to dominates.

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    Acevedo has really taken to AA. He and Adams are big time helium guys
    The rebuild is complete.

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    Top 10 prospects as of right now, according to me.

    1. Torres, even with the injury looks like a superstar.

    2. Fraizer, I think he could be a 280 hitter, with 25-30 bombs. Plus he's a character and I think the fans will love him.

    3. Fowler, love this guy. I think he could be our starting CFer. Just does everything right.

    4. Rutherford, again a personal favorite. I think he could mature into an perennial all star.

    5. Adams, Not saying he's an ace or even a number 2, but a very strong 3. Plus he's knocking on the door.

    6. Florial, remember this name. I think he'll raise up like Victor Robbles. Five tool stud, maybe a top 20 prospect this time next year.

    7. Andujar, all this guy does it hit.

    8. Sheffield, maybe our best pitcher that's healthy right now.

    9. Acevedo, power arm thats playing well so far. Probably the most overlooked guy in the system.

    10. Mateo, I mean Wade is hitting loads better, but I went with Mateo's ceiling over Wade's floor. Just a preference of my own thinking.

    Schmidt and Kaprielian give us two talented arms that could come into the system next June.

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    Florial is a stud. He's crushing the ball as a 19 yr old in long season, and is probably headed for High A. He is playing circles around Rutherford at a younger age and has a higher power ceiling.

    Adams can be an ace. He's got ace stuff, the question was endurance and he's proven that in spades at the highest minor league level. If he was on the 40 man, he'd be in the Bronx right now. I think he is head and shoulders above Sheffield right now.

    Wade needs to be top ten right now. He's tearing the cover off the ball, showing improved power, good D and top flight SB potential at AAA at 22.

    Mateo has the ceiling and now that Torres is out and the vacuum should suck Estrada to AAA, I'd expect Mateo to get a call up from the offensive pit that is Tampa. Some guys respond when removed from the same level a la Austin Jackson from years ago.

    I like Andujar and I've seen some publications point towards him as our next 3b this year, but I don't see it. He needs to master the strike zone a bit more before he moves up to the bigs.

    Acevedo is a pure power pitcher with a plus change who has navigated all the way to AAA. Love this guy

    We have so many prospects in this system who are performing, it'll be sad to see some go. There aren't enough spots for all of them. We will start seeing some of them pawned off for sure

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    One thing of note here is that we are missing Kaprielian and now Albert Abreu and Clarke Schmidt due to injury. Kap and Abreu have ace stuff and if healthy, they'll make a big impact as they move forward.

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