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Thread: 2017 Yankees Season Thread

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    Not surprised. He's been so good and last night he couldn't finish his pitches. He's lucky he only allowed 4 runs. Glad we got Garcia

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacksonianmarch View Post
    He was very bad, but he was bad for both sides. Very inconsistent. I'm fine with an ump being a little wide or a little tight, but when you're wide one inning and tight another, you're going to be bad. It's not why we lost. Happy was good and once again we struggled with runners on. CC couldn't keep Donaldson in the park either
    lol I was talking about when he needed instant replay for Headley's HBP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BstHcpr View Post
    lol I was talking about when he needed instant replay for Headley's HBP.
    well the home plate ump that game was bad too!

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    Clint Frazier and CC Sabathia likely headed to the DL. Hicks has been rehabbing for a bit and I'd assume he and JMont return. Wouldn't be a bad time to promote Jake Cave, who is murdering baseballs in AAA

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    Tanaka to he DL. I wonder if it's time for Adams to start

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    Unlikely that he takes tanaka's start as he just pitched last night

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    And Adams is at his innings max from last year already. They're probably gonna have him go 5 more starts and shut him down.

    That being said, Montgomery did just get concussed by a rogue liner today in BP. We might call him up anyway

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    Sevy was rolling and fell apart after the Frazier error. Though he is our ace, he's still just 23. Still immature

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    Aroldis needs to be removed from the closers role against Boston

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    Game over.

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    It seems to me that Chapman has a big arm , but a tendency to choke when the stakes are highest. The velocity is there , but the control is lacking. Glad we have Kimbrel.

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    He's awful vs the sox for some reason
    The rebuild is complete.

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    Our offense has fallen off a cliff
    The rebuild is complete.

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    Boy Judge needed that one. Tie game
    The rebuild is complete.

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