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Thread: time to stop sleeping on Michael Chavis?

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    time to stop sleeping on Michael Chavis?

    Michael Chavis is a 3B prospect in the Red Sox system who has broken out this year between A+ and AA. He's basically been the guy one step behind Devers at 3B in the system. Always had the power but is starting to show increased consistency. he's climbed quickly in the Sox prospect rankings, he's currently in the #3 position in the rankings.

    While not nearly the caliber of prospect Devers is, Chavis is still interesting. He made it to Portland at age 22 which isn't bad. Soxprospects projects him to be a regular everyday player offensively, if not a great one. He's hit reasonably well in Portland but there's definitely a bit of a ways to go before he's fully ready to hit at the big league level.

    According to their scouting he's raw defensively at third base, which is fine because he wouldn't be competing directly with Devers anyhow. Devers probably has 3B locked up for the forseeable. I think however he is a potential option to move to first base, where we could use another young option since Sam Travis hasn't been making the most of his opportunities.

    I think it's time to start really paying attention to this guy as a legit prospect. He's less than 24 months from big league ready, and he's got an interesting set of talents. Thoughts?
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    He's been discussed a lot on the Prospects thread.

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    His bat might be ML ready or very near ready now.

    He could be a DH option next year, if only we could count on HRam to play 1B (not).

    We probably should have moved Brentz and Chavis to 1B weeks or months ago.

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