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Thread: Sox hitting??

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldtimer View Post
    Pretty clear from the game tonight that arguably our best hitter, Nunez, is gone for the playoffs. That is a tough blow for a relatively weak hitting team to absorb.

    Tonight, our guys tended to follow the same pattern of taking one or two strikes , mostly fast balls and then being put into a pitcher friendly count. I had hoped they might game plan for a different approach but didn't see that. Two runs won't get it done against the Astros. If Altuve at 5'6" and 165 # can hit it out 3 times, then we should be able to hit one once in a while.
    I wasn't optimistic about Nunez so I'm not surprised. The fact is that Altuve is a far superior hitter to any Red Sox hitter. Still doesn't mean the Sox are not capable of hitting better collectively as a team. But they really depend on the pitching and defense to keep the game close. Sox don't have the offensive firepower of the Astros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoxHop View Post
    he was a drunk and a gambler. He was a friend of mine.
    1. Yankees lose
    2. Red Sox win

    "Relax kid, we've got 162 of these games to go."

    Quote Originally Posted by joeycaps View Post
    So shut up because you have no idea on what you say on anything as evidence of some of your ridiculous posts.

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