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Thread: Super Duper Appreciation to Something Thread...

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    Quote Originally Posted by a700hitter View Post
    Just like mama used to make... disgusting.
    Love the gal. She's amazing..... but the gal could burn water.....
    Now somewhere in the Black Mountain Hills of Dakota
    There lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon
    And one day his woman ran off with another guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoxHop View Post
    Give me the quick death from the arsenic, then the long death of my wifes "I will try to make dinner" experiments........ it's that bad............. oh god I just threw up in my mouth thinking about it......
    I was thinking more along the lines of small doses over time, to disguise it as natural causes. Assuming a lackadaisical medical examiner. We hear about the people who get caught, I sometimes wonder how many people get away with that.
    Quote Originally Posted by YANKEESRULE View Post
    Yea got hand it to the Sox, they just could not go queitly into the night. Well, they are just post-poning the inevitable.
    - From the 2004 ALCS Game 4 Gamethread. A reminder that no game is over until the final out is recorded, and things will always get better. Misspellings unchanged as a reminder that Yankees fans are just terrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoxHop View Post
    Give me the quick death from the arsenic
    "All alone in the world?!"
    1. Yankees lose
    2. Red Sox win

    don't put up no brick

    Quote Originally Posted by joeycaps View Post
    So shut up because you have no idea on what you say on anything as evidence of some of your ridiculous posts.

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