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Thread: 2017 Yankees Draft

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    2017 Yankees Draft

    1. Clarke Schmidt RHP SC

    This is an interesting pick. Looked like he was ticketed for the middle of the first round until he blew out his elbow and had TJS last month. When I heard about this pick, I scratched my head. His injury shot his stock into the second round. But his injury coupled with the fact that he cannot throw next year in college leaves him with no leverage. We can save some money here and if he recovers well, still get first round talent. He's a 92-94 sinkerballer with a plus curve and slider. His location is solid as well. If he comes back strong or stronger, he could be a front line starter.

    2. Matt Sauer RHP HS

    This is a signability guy. Big frame, sits low to mid 90s, topped out at 97 as a HS kid. Already plus slider sitting at 87 mph. Change is way behind the FB-slider combo. Easy to project as a reliever due to the developed heat and slider combo. Yankees will work to develop the change and mold him into a starter. If the change doesn't come, he could move quickly as a power reliever.
    The rebuild is complete.

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    3. Trevor Stephan RHP U of Arkansas

    Big framed pitcher with a crossfire delivery. Tops out at 97. Lots of run on his fastball. Secondary stuff average to questionable. Delivery not conducive to starting, but could be a high leverage reliever. Kid fits the Yankees MO after the second round. High velocity college pitcher who should run through the system in the pen
    The rebuild is complete.

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    interesting fact about the yankees first 3 picks.
    all 3 have the following in common:
    - rumors of steroid use
    - ties to Russian diplomats
    - kick puppies when they think no one is looking
    - don't call their mom on Mother's Day
    other names i have posted under: none

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    "Hating the Yankees like it's a religion since 94'" RIP Mike.

    "It's also a simple and indisputable fact that WAR isn't the be-all end-all in valuations, especially in real life. Wanna know why? Because an ace in run-prevention for 120 innings means more often than not, a sub-standard pitcher covering for the rest of the IP that pitcher fails to provide. You can't see value in a vacuum when a player does not provide full-time production."

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    4. Canaan Smith RF HS

    Big left handed power bat, has good patience. Announced as a RFer, but many believe his future is at 1b. He has a plus arm but isn't very protectable due to lack of athleticism

    5. Glen Otto RHP Rice

    Big framed power pitcher who was relegated to pen duty due to tired arm. Came on strong at the end. Throws mid 90s with a plus curve. Distant change. While he was drafted as a reliever, he is likely to be stretched into a starting role

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    6. Dalton Lehnen LHP Augustana Col

    All the MLB guys say is he's a reliever who tops out at 96. No idea about his breaking stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacksonianmarch View Post
    5. Glen Otto RHP Rice
    He's going to be one of those guys that gets overlooked, but I think will will become something in the majors down the line.

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    He's got to stay healthy. His issue has been durability. He reminds me of Warren. College pitcher whose performance and stuff was overlooked somehow. Reading his SR, aside from "tired arm" which he's recovered from, in not sure why he fell to the 5th

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    We got a TON of arms with almost every one possessing power. I like the strategy at the top especially with how deep our system is. Schmidt was ranked as high as #10 prior to his injury as he experienced a velocity bump topping out at 97 before his elbow gave way. By taking Schmidt, we were able to sign Sauer, who was by most accounts a first round talent who had a high price tag. Stephan and Otto are both power arms as well. I understand the draft and I know we won't be popping much due to Sauer's price tag, but I like adding high end arms to the system. I'm interested to see what our 4th rounder can do offensively, but aside from him and Wagaman, I'm not expecting much on the position player side from this draft

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    Almost one year in, here are some updates on the 2017 draft

    1. Clarke Schmidt- his rehab is going well. He is throwing all of his pitches off a mound. He should debut next month
    2. Matt Sauer- is likely ticketed for Pulaski or Staten Island. Got into 11 innings last year with no success. We will see how he is come June
    3. Trevor Stephan- dominating High A ball right now with a 1.98ERA, 0.78WHIP and a 10.8K/9IP. If we didn't have so many pitchers, I would say he would be getting a callup
    4. Canaan Smith- was really good in 57 games in SS last year. Likely headed for SI this year. Had a .430OBP with 5HR in 57 games as a 19 yr old in his debut.
    5. Glen Otto- threw 20 dominant innings last yr and moved to the long season this yr. Was wild in first two starts and has been on the DL for over a month with no updates. Concerned for sure
    6. Dalton Lehnen- dominating long season debut. 37K in 35.5IP with a 1.01WHIP. Last start was his worst, though
    7. Dalton Higgins- got hit around in his debut last yr. Was just promoted to A ball last week.
    8. Kyle Zurak- relieving in A ball, holding his own but not dominating.
    9. Austin Gardner- dominated GCL ball last year, likely headed to SI this year
    10. Chad Whitmer- got hit around a bit, but struck out a bunch and limited walks in SS. Likely headed for SI

    Other notables:
    12. Steve Sensley- dominated short season last yr. Hitting well in A ball this yr with 6HR and a .869OPS. Likely looking at a callup if he breaks out of a recent slump
    17. Chris Hess- .413OBP and .900OPS in A ball this year. Looking like a sleeper who can hit. We will see if this continues as he rises
    18. Garrett Whitlock- absolutely dominated A ball this yr to the tune of a 0.75WHIP, 9.9K/9IP, 6.3K/BB and a ridiculous 3.2 GO/AO rate. Just promoted to Tampa, he throws low to mid 90s with a heavy sinker and is moving fast
    The rebuild is complete.

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