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Thread: Yankees make blockbuster deal with CWS

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    Yankees make blockbuster deal with CWS

    Yankees deal Tito Polo, Blake Rutherford, Ian Clarkin and Tyler Clippard for Tommy Kahnle, David Robertson, and Todd Frazier.

    This is a weird deal for us. We got great value, but I'm not sure why we made this deal. Frazier was effectively a throw in who has been playing much better of late. He's a rental who probably slots in at 1b against righties and 3b against lefties. He does make our lineup deeper for 2017

    Tommy Kahnle has three years of control after this one. We drafted him and Colorado took him in the Rule V four years ago. He's got big velocity and has immense K numbers. He was looking to be the closer in Chicago when Robertson got dealt.

    David Robertson has one year of control left and hasn't slowed down. He's been a mid tier closer in Chicago and is having a damn good year.

    We gave up some good talent, although nothing our big league squad will miss. Rutherford was our 1st rounder last year. He's holding his own in A ball, but as a corner OFer he's shown next to no power. He's been passed in the organization at the same level by Estevan Florial who is also a year younger. The hit tool is plus and he looks to eventually become a high average LFer with a good eye and some speed. I think we sold high on him, especially in a system where we are incredibly deep in the OF.

    Tito Polo was acquired in the Ivan Nova deal last year. He's a short statured OFer capable of playing CF. He has plus speed and has showed more with the hit tool this year than expected. He made it to AA this year.

    Ian Clarkin was one of our three first rounders in 2013 (Judge and Jagielo being the others). The lefty has been slowed by injuries but has finally put together a healthy season in high A. He's been very good. He was drafted with the hope of gaining more velocity, but with his injuries, he's effectively become a "crafty lefty" who tops out in the low 90s. While Ian as a lefty with a great curve, he's got big league back of the rotation potential, but he's blocked in this deep system.

    In terms of value, we got great value for 3 prospects who are blocked in the system. I love the Kahnle reaquisition. DRob gives us another closer option with experience here should Chapman and Betances not get their shit together. We now have Warren, Chapman, Betances, Green, Kahnle, and Robertson in our pen for this year and next. That's a dominant pen. Frazier has been much better since June 1 and adds depth to our lineup but is effectively a rental
    The rebuild is complete.

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    If they make the postseason, that bullpen will be extremely hard to score runs off. They are starting to look like last year's Indians team, but with a deeper pen.

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    And here's what the Fans don't seem to understand. The Market. If Kahnle, keeps improving, you could flip Chapman, or Kahnle, he has 3 years of Team control, and get haul back in Prospects.
    The best value to Trade to get very good Prospects back now is Relievers. You want to build back your Farm, get Relievers. Every year at the July 31st Deadline Teams are giving up huge Talent in the Minors, for 1 Reliever.
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    Cash shortened the game to 3 innings if he wants to come playoff time. This team is deadly in the pen and if Betances and Chap right their ship, we will be much better due to this deal

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    New at this forum, used to post a lot in another RS forum now closed

    About the topic, Rosenthal suggested the NYY might trade Betances +others as a three team package for a top of the rotation arm like Sonny G. from the A's, sounds interesting, but with Betances struggling right now they would be selling low on him.

    What do you think?

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    I wouldn't be surprised to be totally honest, but selling low on him is assinine. If I were Cash, I'd roll with what we've got. If Betances is the price for Gray, I'd hold. Betances is a shutdown, lights out reliever. Gray is a former ace in a small body with a history of injuries. If I had to deal Dellin to get an ace level starter, I'd hold out for more

    It sounds like we're going to bring Green, Warren, Holder or Smith to the rotation and see what happens.

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    Todd Frazier has been worse in the second half every single season in his career. That seems like it can not be a fluke.

    He's off to a bad start, career wise, so one should expect he might have his worst second half of his career this year. I'm glad the Yanks overpaid for him, not us.

    Frazier's 1st half/2nd half splits:

    Career: .825/.718
    '17 .779/.321 (13 PAs)
    '16 .782/.749
    '15 .922/.664
    '14 .873/.717
    '13 .730/.708
    '12 .901/.775
    '11 n/a/ .733

    I'm glad he's on the Yanks and not here, especially at that high price.

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    You understand that the high price was paid for the relievers and not just for Frazier, right?

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    It was definitely a package deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacksonianmarch View Post
    You understand that the high price was paid for the relievers and not just for Frazier, right?
    A lot of people don't seem to realize how good Kahnle is.

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    Or how good Robertson has been. Kahnle is arguably the biggest get in this deal. He's performing better than Betances and his FIP is down in the 1.40 range.

    When he was coming up, the rave reports on his stuff were there. Sits high 90s in the pen, touches 100. Lights out slider. No command. Hence why he was unprotected a few years back. It took him a few years, but now his walk rate is awesome and his K rate is insane. Add that to a high Gb% and you have a dominant reliever who doesn't give up homers or walks and strikes out people all the time. Plus, he'll be arb eligible for the first time next year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellhorn04 View Post
    It was definitely a package deal.
    Frazier's cost in this deal was minimal. Rutherford and Clarkin were dealt to get Kahnle and DRob

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    The game has been shortening up since the 100 Pitch count. 7, 8, 9, Innings are the difference in games. 6 innings is about the norm in games for Starters. The good GM's realize Relievers who shorten the game is the future. You need a deep BP for this. Yanks have one now. And they got their worst ones out in Clippard.
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    Well we couldn't get starters so shortening the game is the way to do

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    Starters who hold teams to 4 runs or under for 6, it gets to a BP battle, you get to other teams weaker BP, and yours is strong. Starters wont matter, then. Games will be won in the 7,8,9 innings.

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