Hello Sox Fans
When Bernie Carbo hit his home run in game 6 of the World Series in 1975, I jumped up out of my seat before the TV and screamed. So did thousands of Sox fans because it was the greatest moment in Sox sports history. Three years later I tried to do like Bernie the impossible. I described in detail every at bat in every inning of that great game. Since then it has been a source of pain that I have never been able to simply make known to Sox fans that the description is available. Yes, my goal was to make game 6 literature and preserve it forever in a written form and yes, I am looking for out and out support and sympathy from sox fans. I published a book, "The Theater Of the Impossible" with the description of game 6 as Part One but I sincerely am not trying to sell my book. Believe it or not I only want Sox fans to know that a full description of game 6 exists and possibly read it so I put it up for reading at my web site free of charge. I hope the owners of this web site will also have sympathy for my pain and allow access to the description to my fellow fans at: usoftheworld.com/game-6-1975-world-series
Daniel McNeill user name game61975description