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Thread: Otani to be posted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmi View Post
    And what is Dombrowski doing? Why hasn't he signed any of them? Does he know that we need to build our farm?
    Maybe he doesn't think much of them?
    "Let's go!" - Joseph Kelly Jr

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    Mike Trout team got a good player.

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    Down goes Ohtani!

    Down goes Ohtani!

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    He signed for about $1M less than the Mariners could have offered, so it looks like money was not the top priority.

    We should have offered a rocket transport to Japan and back to entice him to come to Boston.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCM33 View Post
    He doesn't care. He never has.

    This should not be a surprise. The FO knew this was part of his deal. This is what DD does.
    I was hopeful, but I'm not surprised.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvp 78 View Post
    Maybe he doesn't think much of them?
    Maybe. Other GMs seem to think highly of some of them.

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    1. Yankees lose
    2. Red Sox win

    "Relax kid, we've got 162 of these games to go."

    Quote Originally Posted by joeycaps View Post
    So shut up because you have no idea on what you say on anything as evidence of some of your ridiculous posts.

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    If Otani continues to play at a high level, how can this guy not win the MVP? You would have to add together his WAR as a SP with his WAR as an offensive player and that should surpass the WAR of every other player.

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    I'm happy that he's starting out at least like he was hyped. Hitting with power, pitching above average, I hope it lasts. It's a great baseball story no matter which team he plays for, I'd like to see him succeed. And I agree with Boggs, if he ends up even slightly above average in both categories, there's no way you don't give him the MVP. What's more valuable than a guy who can win games for you from both sides of the ball? Granted, he might not continue dominating outside of this small sample size, but he certainly looks to have the tools to do so, and I want to see him do it.
    Quote Originally Posted by YANKEESRULE View Post
    Yea got hand it to the Sox, they just could not go queitly into the night. Well, they are just post-poning the inevitable.
    - From the 2004 ALCS Game 4 Gamethread. A reminder that no game is over until the final out is recorded, and things will always get better. Misspellings unchanged as a reminder that Yankees fans are just terrible.

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    It's only early but it looks like we're somewhat fortunate Ohtani didn't sign with the Yanks.

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    Ohtani's dazzling game on the mound Sunday capped a jaw-dropping week in which he also homered in three straight games as a hitter. The combination makes him just the third player all-time to homer in three consecutive games as a hitter and have a double-digit strikeout game as a pitcher in the same season. The others: Ken Brett in 1973 and -- who else? -- Babe Ruth in 1916.

    As a batter, Ohtani currently leads all Major Leaguers who have had at least 10 batted balls this season in hard-hit rate: 71.4 percent of his batted balls (10 of 14) have had an exit velocity of at least 95 mph.

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    I'm very surprised by his hitting. We know he can pitch a little with a dominating fastball/split combo. Let's see how long he can keep hitting.

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    He had a bases loaded triple last night, really smacked the ball:

    I guess he changed his hitting style, he now uses a toe tap rather than a leg kick. It took him a little time to adjust, which would explain his spring training numbers; it is amazing how quickly he has been able to process and incorporate a new style, suggesting this guy is incredibly talented.

    Also, he is a big guy too. Kind of tall and broad. He has the necessary physical characteristics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellhorn04 View Post
    It's only early but it looks like we're somewhat fortunate Ohtani didn't sign with the Yanks.
    I, for one, am glad to be able to watch and enjoy his exploits without them being tainted by the stink of the MFY.

    Also, quite a few posts in this thread (and others) are looking kind of funny in retrospect. While I'm sure Ohtani probably won't maintain his 2.08 ERA and 0.46 WHIP as a pitcher and his .367 BA and 1.191 OPS as a batter, he looks every bit like the special talent he was advertised as, and the Angels acquired him for pennies on the dollar compared to what he might have commanded as an unrestricted free agent. It's amazing how much arguing some of us had to do that, yes, trying to sign this guy was in fact a worthwhile venture...
    Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

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