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Thread: 9/13 Athletic Plays

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    When oh when is that Betts guy going to show some fire out there in RF? I am being facetious of course because was trying to make the only play that could keep the guy on 1st from scoring--and diving toward that right field wall was a little risky.
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    Fister really has to settle down here.

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    What a fucking disaster of an inning!

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    Welcome back to earth, Fister.

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    Well we will see if they can chip away

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    I'd love to say bad luck on those 4 runs, but three of those balls were hard hit--two on fastballs and one a curve that was little up in the zone and breaking toward a lefty hitter who clearly saw it well.

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    Gonna have to find a way and score some early runs. Cotton hasn't looked good but he could turned out to be a stud tonight.

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    This is what being fisted is like.

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    Fister has consistently not been a good first inning guy, but usually gets better. I honestly expect that tonight. I never saw him throw a changeup against Lowrie or Olson, both lefty bats who got the big hits--a dinger and a triple. That has to change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Station 13 View Post
    This is what being fisted is like.
    Im sure youd feel a lot more violated then that.

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    Why would Betts swing at a first pitch slider low in the zone? Answer: he doesn't read sliders well, not at all.

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    Bad at bats.

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    Wow. Sox bats in the first very aggressive. Only Beni took Cotton to 6 pitches--and got the only double. Moreland hit the 2d pitch, Betts the first, Pedey the 3d, and Bogey the 2d.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NativeBostonian View Post
    Bad at bats.
    I think so. On the other hand, maybe those aggressive at bats just show that these guys finally have that fire they seem to be lacking. Can't wait to swing those bats. To heck with Bill James.
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    So, why did JF pull the infield in with a runner on first and one out? That is one strategy and the other would to play for the out and allow the run to score on a ground ball. As it turned out, there would have been 2 outs and a man on 3rd. What happened after is on Fister.

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