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Thread: Greetings From Ohio

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    Greetings From Ohio

    I am 74 years old and a lifelong Red Sox fan. My Granddad took me to my first game at Fenway when I was 10 years old. I was born in East Boston, moved to Winthrop when I was 7, and graduated from Northeastern. Spent two years in the Army (1967-1969) and moved west for my job (last stop was Akron, Ohio where I worked for General Tire). It was difficult being a Red Sox fan in Ohio, especially during the years when the Indians were a bad team. My boss at GT was a Yankee fan, so we had a lot of friendly disagreements. I look forward to discussing the Sox with people who share my lifelong love for the team.

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    Welcome to the Rogue State.

    I look forward to reading your posts.
    "Hating the Yankees like it's a religion since 94'" RIP Mike.

    "It's also a simple and indisputable fact that WAR isn't the be-all end-all in valuations, especially in real life. Wanna know why? Because an ace in run-prevention for 120 innings means more often than not, a sub-standard pitcher covering for the rest of the IP that pitcher fails to provide. You can't see value in a vacuum when a player does not provide full-time production."

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    Welcome aboard! I have family in Akron, and I love being in Ohio. Very underrated part of the country.
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    Hitting the ball with his nose was the best contact Pedroia has made in 3 games. Who needs Pedey, we have Brock Holt.

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    Welcome. Thanks for year service. Hopefully you didn't spend either of those years in the jungle.
    If the Sox win tonight you will be my defacto favorite poster....
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    O hi.
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    Yea got hand it to the Sox, they just could not go queitly into the night. Well, they are just post-poning the inevitable.
    - From the 2004 ALCS Game 4 Gamethread. A reminder that no game is over until the final out is recorded, and things will always get better. Misspellings unchanged as a reminder that Yankees fans are just terrible.

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